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Thread: beetles

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    We've recently had a massive invasion from the Japanese beetles, or whatever the shiny greenish things are! They seem to be getting past the skimmer basket, though they seem too big for that. I now have them filling the filter basket. It's also a problem to try get them out of the filter basket..when I lift the basket out of the filter, the bugs seem to float back into the drain pipe, only to shoot out again once I turn the filter back on. Anyone else having bug problems and how can I stop them at the skimmer? Ideas??
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    Re: beetles

    Use a skimmer sock on the inside of your skimmer basket. Some folks here use knee-high panty hose instead, but my skimmer basket is too big in diameter to stretch one over the rim.

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    Re: beetles

    That's strange that they would be getting past your skimmer basket. That is, unless your skimmer basket is floating up when the pump shuts off, allowing them to get around and underneath the skimmer basket. Have you checked that?

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    Re: beetles

    Thanks! I will see what I can do with the sock..but in the meantime, if in fact the basket is floating up, how can I keep it down???
    22,500 gal A.G., vinyl, sta rite cristal sand filter & pump (1.5 h.p.), BBB method

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    Re: beetles

    Putting something with some heft to it in the basket to hold it down. Make sure it's bigger than the opening of the pipe at the bottom of the skimmer, so it doesn't accidentally get sucked into the pipe or the pump. A nice big smooth rock would work.
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