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Thread: Ozone + SWG

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    Ozone + SWG

    I have found a manufacturer(Del-Zone) that has a unit that put Ozone(O3) before a
    SWG. They and others claim the this increases the efficiency of the SWG.

    The question is what effect would O3 on the conductance of the water.

    My thought is that it would do nothing. I would think that increasing the oxidation
    potential of the water would decrease the life of the cell.

    Anyone with technical knowledge have any comment.


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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    I don't have technical knowledge but I know the ozonator kills some free chlorine. so if you have the ozonator after the swg, you're making chlorine and then killing some of it right away.
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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    You are referring to their TrioPure units. First of all this units produce very little chlorine because DelZone takes the (incorrect) stance that only .5 ppm FC is needed if there is ozone in the water. hese units will not produce enough chlorine to maintain normal FC levels in the size pool they says. In fact, their larger unit which is sized for a pool up to 50k only produces .8 lbs chlorine per 24 hours while the Goldline Aquarite sized for 40k produces 1.45 lbs in the same period.
    The point of the ozone is to oxidize organics so the chlorine does not have to so, in theory, much less chlorine is needed. However, this falls about just like it does with "mineral systems" because ozone is NOT a residual sanitizer and .5 ppm FC is NOT a high enough level to insure sanitized water in real life conditions.

    IMHO, ozone is more useful in a spa than a pool and is more useful with bromine than chlorine.

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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    The Triopure comes in 2 sizes. A friend has the smaller one on his 16000 gal pool. He runs it between 10%-60% and has no problems maintaining 6 ppm FC or higher all the time in the heat of Houston TX.

    The output is less not because of the magic of ozone but because the unit has it's own pump that runs 24 hours/ day.

    After 1 year of use the unit has been trouble free.

    No I don't work for Delozone.
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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    Here's a thread that has a detailed discussion on the technicalities.

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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    I forgot about the previous thread as it is a couple of years old.

    What brought this up was a friend bought a Bank-repo house(got a really good price) and the
    home has a pool. He asked me to take a look as he hasn't ever had a pool. The pool
    had no attention for at least 6 months or more. The skimmer was filled with leaves and the leaf filter was
    full. The pop up cleaning heads mostly didn't work. All over the bottom of the pool were leaves and dirt.
    The organic load in the pool must have been very high. What surprised me was that the water was perfectly clear.

    The system the pool had was a Ozone generator(tube type) ahead of a Salt Cell. The Salt Cell showed
    no sign of calcium clogging. Not even a trace of calcium(the neighborhood is on well water). I have the same
    brand of Salt system and I have to clean my cell every few months. The company that installed this pool
    sometimes does use this setup, also some of the other large pool builders use the same system.
    I always thought that this was just over-kill just to make the pool company some extra profit, but after seeing
    the neglected pool they may have something.

    I know that Ozone is not supposed to have any effect of pH, but it will greatly increase the oxidization potential
    of the water. The UV light should destroy some of the Chlorine(and also the contaminants). I am wondering if this
    also tends to keep the Salt Cell cleaner so it is more efficient. It would seems as though that the tandem of the two
    would greatly increase the ORP of the water. This effect would not last long in the pool itself, but for the short distance
    to the pool the chlorine level and the oxidization levels of the water would be very high.

    Anyway, a pool that had NO attention for 6 months with all the dirt and leaves and still had perfectly clear water did
    impress me.


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    Re: Ozone + SWG

    A properly balanced pool that was able to maintain circulation and had the SWG set a little higher than usual would tend to do that with or without ozone. Ozone does nothing to prevent calcium scaling in the cell, preventing scaling is a question of proper water balance.
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