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Thread: Pool and Pool guy issues

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    Pool and Pool guy issues

    I'm a newbie on this site so bear with me. I'm lucky enough to have a second home in Florida. We rent the house occasionally. I've had an inground fiberglass pool 15k gals for 3 years now. It had a working SWG system for the first year. After the first year or so, the salt cell stopped working but pool company continued with a floater with chlorine tablets and did the maintenance. We've had three pool companies in 3 years.. The first guy wasn't showing up every week... The second was pinch a penny and the guy we liked left the company...we didn't like his replacement. The third seemed fine but just recently a new guy started showing up and told me he'd been getting very low chlorine readings and that since we rent the house, we'd have to have someone come twice a week...because there's a big risk of e-coli.... I didn't doubt that maybe it was very low those 2 times because it was getting a lot of usuage and if it's a safety issue, i wouldn't cheap out on getting more maintenance twice a week or whatever it needed but something didn't feel right about this. I said to him that that's the first time I've heard that in 3 years...and that maybe we had a lot of usage lately but usually there's not a lot of people usung the pool. . The owner of the company said a similar thing to me. I told him that most of the time the pool doesn't get a ton of usage and I've never heard this before with any of the pool guys... I also said that I could put an inline chlorinator in and maybe that would be safer...I told him, it sounds to me that since I rent the house occasionally, you want to charge me more. So he basically said that he's done then. I said fine and now I need to find a new pool guy.

    My questions are: Is it better to just get the SWG system going again?...Should I put an inline or offline chorinator in for the supposed high usuage times? How does any of this effect my next pool company and their maintenance? Thanks

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    Re: Pool and Pool guy issues

    I would get the SWG going again. That basically is an inline chlorinator with a really long supply of chlorine.

    And if you keep your chlorine level in line with your CYA according to the information you'll find in Pool School on this site, I wouldn't be worried about E Coli or any other communicable diseases other than to make sure anyone suffering from anything like that stay out of the pool.

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