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Thread: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

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    Question New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    I have a new Pentair SuperFlo two speed pump and have a couple of questions.

    1 - When switching from low speed to high speed do I need to first turn off the pump?

    2 - When I'm running my pump on high, the clean DE filter pressure is about 12. On low, its about 4. Does that sound right? I understand it would drop but that seems like a lot. If I backwash after a 25% increase like you say on here I would be backwashing at 5. That seems a bit prone to error and excessive. Input?

    3 - Is there an easy way to open the canister lid on this pump? I really racked my knuckle yesterday getting it off. My Hayward was easy compared to this and I'm not a small guy. Do you guys hit it with a mallet or something? It says to release pressure before opening but other than pulling the drain plug how would I do that? Open valve on DE filter?

    As always, thanks a ton.....
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    Re: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    I don't have a Pentair, but I can relate to some of your issues and will share my own thoughts:
    1 - My 2-speed has a toggle switch that I simply flip directly to low-high and visa-versa. No waiting for me since the motor is rotating in the same direction.
    2 - Pressure will drop quite a bit from high to low. The degree of drop may vary by system/filter, but my gauge goes almost to zero on low.
    3 - Ahhhh! I can relate. I fractured a finger knuckle last April on this very same thing. Took almost a year to heal. On my filter housing I have an air relief on top to let some pressure out. It "should" help, but that Pool Lube I'm using sometimes feels more like super glue. I may try a Teflon-based pool lube versus silicon next time to see if that helps me get that basket lid off. For now, I push/pull and hope I don't rack my hand again.

    I'm sure you'll see a few more replies to your thread shortly. Have a good day.
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    Re: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    Try Dow 55 to lube the gasket on your pump. Dow 55 is expensive, but it's the best. It actually swells up the rubber gasket.

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    Re: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    1. No
    2. Does your gauge go to zero when the pump is off? Mine was about 13psi on high and barely reads anything on low (when the filter is clean). I would recommend doing the pressure check for cleaning your filter on high speed.
    3. There should not be a need to open any valve. There is no pressure in the pump when it is off. I typically pull on the left and bang on the right "handle" with my palm until is starts turning.
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    Re: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    I have the same pump. Use a rubber "dead blow" mallet to remove and replace the lid. Couple of strikes with the mallet on the ears of the lid do the trick. Dont use a hammer. Any box store will have a dead blow hammer.

    EDIT: Yes my sig says I have a Hayward pump, but I haven't changed my sig in awhile. And yes, the Hayward pump lid was much easier to get on and off.
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    Re: New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....

    I don't switch my off my pump to go from low-high or high-low its meant to work that way.
    I got a sand filter and I have the exact same pressures as you.
    And a good silicone lube will work wonders on the lid.
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