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Thread: What's wrong with EDTA?

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    What's wrong with EDTA?

    Just curious as to why the suggestion of not using EDTA based sequestrants? I'm sure its good advice, just wondering the reason.

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    Re: Jack's Purple Stuff~Where To Purchase/Best Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad S
    Just curious as to why the suggestion of not using EDTA based sequestrants? I'm sure its good advice, just wondering the reason.
    They just aren't as effective. In fact, they border on not working very well at all, particularly when staining is a problem.
    The main reason they are sold is that they are phosphate free and it was pretty hard for a certain "natural' company to offer a sequesterant that would add orthophosphates to a pool when the main thrust of their "chemistry" was selling enzymes and phosphate removers so people could have 'perfect' pool that was "PHOS"phate 'free" and "METAL Free"!

    A few other companies jumped on the EDTA bandwagon because they realized that there "was gold in them there hills" and that a sucker is born every minute so they could get away with it!
    However, the majority of seqeusterants on the market are HEDP based because they work (and the companies know that phosphates are really a scam to make money for pool stores).

    Now I will quailify this by saying that in a VERY SMALL precentage of cases a phosphate remover might be warranted but only if phosphates are the limiting factor in algae growth. They usualy are NOT. Nitrates are and we don't routinely test pools for nitrates because there is no "magic in a bottle" you can add to a pool to reduce nitrates. You can only replace water with nitrate free water.
    Hope this explains it and I am now going to move these posts to their own thread!

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    Re: What's wrong with EDTA?

    Not only are the EDTA sequestrants not as effective in terms of binding to metal ions, but they tend to break down more quickly from chlorine, to the point where you can even notice an increased chlorine demand having them in your pool and need to use larger maintenance doses than with HEDP.
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