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Thread: GFI keeps tripping.

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    GFI keeps tripping.

    My GFI keeps tripping. Everytime I resent it trips. We did have a lot of rain but this never happened before. I have a Hayward Super Pump, 1 year old. It is definitely an electrical problem since I bought the pup to the pool store and the pump runs. So I changed the GFI, Circuit breaker, still trips the GFI. I bypassed the GFI and the pump runs. I know I need the GFI but can anyone tell me why it trips? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Re: GFI keeps tripping.

    Is the GFI outlet outside? Is the breaker a regualr breaker or GFCI breaker? 120V pump? 240 v pump?

    If you bypassed the GFI and it worked, it still means a problem.

    Did the pool store plug it into a GFI breaker at the store and it worked?
    There is a short somewhere.

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    Re: GFI keeps tripping.

    can anyone tell me why it trips?
    Sure. Some of the electricity being sent out to it is not coming back, meaning that it is 'leaking' to somewhere else. That somewhere else could be through a wet connection to the earth, or through anyone unfortunate enough to touch it at or near the leakage point.

    Your current leakage point could be the motor, the wiring to it, or any component in between. If you had some extra wire lying about, you could run a temporary feed from the GFCI to the motor as a test to see if the wiring system is just wet and leaky. That may give you an indicator as to where to look for the trouble.

    It will probably clear itself when everything dries out, but I wouldn't recommend running without GFI protection. It's a safety issue, and a potentially deadly one.
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    Re: GFI keeps tripping.

    It is outside, regular breaker and i believe 120 volts. I was wondering since the pump did run all night, do you think it dried out. Maybe I will replace GFI again.

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    Re: GFI keeps tripping.

    Breakers dont generally go bad, they do, but thats not the 1st thing you look for. If it ran all night without thowing the GFI, i'd say it dried out enough to keep the ground fault from occuring. What you have is a GFI outlet and not a GFCI breaker, i think. The way you tell is that a GFCI breaker will have a little test button on it and there will be some yellow color on the breaker (its in the actual breaker panel, not the outlet). I think what you have is a GFI OUTLET, not a GFCI breaker. Breakers are rated in amps, not volts.
    More info than you wanted probably, but as i said, and ohm_boy said, if it ran all night, it was probably just wet and dried out.

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