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Thread: Pool timer not turning pump on

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    Pool timer not turning pump on

    I have an intermatic pool timer and when I switch the power on, I can hear the pump try to start for a split second. It kind of sounds like something is stuck in it. I took the motor apart, it turns freely, and put back together. I tried it again, the same thing. I found that if I hit the timer box, it will turn on. So I thought it was a loose wire or something. I turned the power off, checked all of the connections but everything is tight with no corrosion on anything. But still, the same thing when I try to turn it on. Sometimes, when I hit the timer box, it will run for a while, then stop, and vice-versa. Sometimes when the timer is on but the motor will not run, the motor will just suddenly start. I checked the voltage and I will always have power to the line side (240v), and when I turn the switch on and the motor not run, the power on the load side is 0v, but when I hit the box and the motor turns on, the power is 240v. I installed a new capacitor on the motor about a month ago thinking that was the problem but that wasn't it either. I took the individual timer out of the enclosure, and sanded the contacts on the back thinking it's not getting a good connection, but nope. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Pool timer not turning pump on

    Have you checked the centrifugal switch on you motor? It connects the start capacitor to the starter winding in the motor. Once the motor comes up to speed, the switch disconnects the capacitor from the starter winding. Sometimes, the switch does not close the contact again once the motor stops.
    you can search for: "adjust motor centrifugal switch" on YouTube and get some helpful videos on how to check and adjust the centrifugal switch.

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