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Thread: Re: Anyone use an inflatable spa in winter? (freezing temps)

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    Re: Anyone use an inflatable spa in winter? (freezing temps)

    Recently bought one for my wife and set it up on our concrete patio. I did the following.
    1. Put down outdoor carpet on the concrete.
    2. 1/2" all weather plywood 8'x8'. 2 Sheets.
    3. 2" R-Tech foam insulation with the foil side up to keep the ground from sucking out the heat.
    3. Same carpet but over all the foundation so you don't see it. Note: Hind site I should have just put the plywood down first and then do everything as I only have a couple of feet of the base carpet showing.
    4. Coleman Octagon awning surrounding the whole thing to keep out bugs but still get a breeze plus I have trees in the area that drop all kinds of stuff.

    I plan on running it as late as possible this winter as long as it works. I plan on getting some heavy moving blankets and draping it over each side in the winter to keep the heat in. I have the electrical in a box you can buy at home depot that is weatherproof and sits on the ground next to the tub.
    I also added the Aquasun Clorinator and Ozone units which sit in a box on the back side of the awning with an extra small pump for the ozonator. Hose intake and output just drape over the side. I used some plywood about 4 feet up and created a hood at the top with the bottom open at the bottom and front to mount those devices to keep them dry. I hung it from the side of the awning. so it it is barely on the ground for stability but helps keep my awning down in wind. I also use a concrete block on each foot of the awning as I did not want to drill holes in the concrete. I tied those down as well with cord from the top.

    If needed I can add a heater in the ozonator line and turn it on as I have a weatherproof switch I made if needed to turn it off or on that can attach to my plywood. It will be no more than 500w and when really cold in single digits I can leave it on and let the main heater regulate the temps but it won't have to work as hard. Plus a backup if the main unit ever goes out in winter. My thought was just plug and play items. Main heater pump unit goes out, buy another whole tub and replace the main heater unit but if the main tub is fine just store it to use if the one in place leaks. The same price to replace a hard tub parts.

    The cost of this spa is what drew my attention. I have had friends who spent a lot of money and on maintenance on a tub and my thought was run it until it breaks and just drop in another one. Doing the routine maintenance is the key like anything.

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    Re: Anyone use an inflatable spa in winter? (freezing temps)

    I'd love to see pics of your setup Tony. I didn't go as thick as maybe I should have on the base insulation. Mine is only 3/4" thick but it's in a unheated garage if that makes any difference. Assume yours has an inflatable lid...Do you think it loses more heat from the top than anywhere else? Hoping it helps but I added some reflectix to serve as a floating blanket and plan to add some high R value insulation to the sides.

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    Re: Anyone use an inflatable spa in winter? (freezing temps)

    Good luck! I'm wondering the same myself. I'm probably not going to modify anything this winter, if the temps can't keep up; I can always drain it and store it. I'm sure the heater will have no problem keeping the temps well above freezing. The question really is whether it can keep the temps high enough for the spa to be enjoyable. If it can't, there's no sense in wasting the energy.

    Most (all?) of them have a 72 hour cutoff; so watch for that. I wouldn't leave town for more than a few days with it filled in temps like that. Only some models support heat and aeration at the same time.

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