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Thread: suspended sediment?

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    suspended sediment?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and should start by saying I'm living in a rental house that came with a pool (salt water) so trying to keep costs as low as possible. Also I don't have a proper water test kit, just those dip stick things which I hear aren't the best. That said, I haven't had major issues until now. 3-4 near algal booms that I shocked over the last 2.5 years. That's about it.

    The problem now is that every time the filter turns on, I get about 20 seconds of the dirtiest cloudiest water. After that the water comes through clear again. But by then the damage is done and the whole pool is murky as.

    Some possible factors:
    - I don't check or do maintenance as often as I should. I know. But it's how it is.
    - Ive had issues with cloudy white sediment over the past 3-4 months. Ever since the last shock I did, which was probably the most extreme I've had to do.
    - Ive been using granulated chlorine for shocking. The cheapest stuff I can find.
    - Water always shows up as a little too hard, and CYA a little low. With those dip stick things.

    Anyway, I captured some water from the jet this morning. Looks like a suspended sediment of some sort. id love to hear people's guesses as to what it might be? Or any tests I could run (at home, on the cheap) to find out what it is?

    3 photos are attached. First is one minute after capture. 2nd is about 5 min after capture. 3rd is an attempt to strainthe sediment on a tea towel.

    Another clue this morning, I found if you shut off the filter, then immediately turn it back on, it again shoots out 20 seconds of sludge. Made me think there's a depository of the stuff somewhere in the system... but I know nothing really.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: suspended sediment?

    Hello and welcome to the TFP forum. It's nice to have you with us. As for your questions, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'll have to be blunt on a few things:
    - Proper water testing is always step #1 here at TFP. As you admitted, you've cut some corners, but without a full set of test results from one of the endorsed test kit (TF-100 or Taylor K-2006), it's going to be nearly impossible to tell you what's happening. In fact, it's very possible you have more than one issue going on at the same time.
    - I suspect one of your problems is you have algae. Even though you've made some attempts to clear-up blooms, they're still there.
    - The brown sludge could be related to chemistry, or it could be something else related to the filter itself. What type of filter do you have there? Sand, cartridge, DE? When was the last time you opened it up and cleaned it?
    - Location Qld? We need more specifics please (City/State). It tells us about your climate and historical issues in that area.
    - Are you on a well?
    - Please try to update your signature with all of your pool info and equipment. It will help us later.

    So many things that could be happening, and I'm afraid without accurate test results from a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006 test kit, we would all just be guessing. We don't want to do that to you. If you could give us some more information and consider providing accurate test results, that would help tremendously.

    Nice to have you at TFP.
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    Lightbulb Re: suspended sediment?

    Sadly I cant afford a better test kit. I would love one. I think I'd enjoy the chemistry... maybe?

    But thank you for your response. It made me rethink a few lazy assumptions. Like, is the thing i've been looking at really the filter? Answer being no, its the chlorinator cell (!) So now I've fixed that in my brain, and fixed it in the physical world too with a proper filter backwash. Situation is _much_ improved. The jets are 80% clear on start up, the vacuum is going gangbusters, and it turns out the pool has a small fountain! (all this time i thought those rocks were just for show) It must have been ridiculously grubby in there! Couldnt be happier! Thank you!

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    Re: suspended sediment?

    Is that location Queensland, Australia? If so Clear Choice Labs is the place to get a good test kit.
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