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Thread: Trouble with FNS Plus 60 D.E. Filter Operation

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    Trouble with FNS Plus 60 D.E. Filter Operation

    Hi everyone,

    My inlet pipe on my filter broke off and I replaced it with a new, however now the entire filter doesn't seem to work correctly. I keep getting massive D.E. back into the pool and pump. It seems like all the D.E. I put int just stays at the bottom of the filter, only about the top third of the grid gets coated evenly, but the bottom grids are not. When I open the air bleeder on the filter so I can open it, D.E. goes back into the pump for some reason. Probably because D.E. stays at the bottom of the bin, it never did that before. With the system on the pressure seems to stay around 8-9, whereas, the normal before was about 12 psi.

    1. The grids I have are new and I put in a new manifold already
    2. Since my inlet manifold broke off, I am not sure if the open end should point up or down???
    3. Do you know what could cause D.E. to only coat top third only and the rest seems to just settle to the bottom?
    4. I am assuming because the D.E. settled to the bottom is the reason why it goes back to the pump when I release the air pressure?

    Any advice is appreciated...

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    Re: Trouble with FNS Plus 60 D.E. Filter Operation

    Welcome To TFP, Mike,

    Sorry to say I don't really know. Hoping a bump to the top will get you some help...
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    Re: Trouble with FNS Plus 60 D.E. Filter Operation

    I got the water back from the green again. After i fixed the manifold, the inlet pipe and the grids; i just doubted the filter system. When green water was flushing back to the pool i thought it was more DE, but just dirty algae green water. I needed time for the chlorine to work and clear it up.

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