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Thread: Cloudy white water after stain free or something else?

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    Cloudy white water after stain free or something else?

    Sorry for the long read but I don't know if my symptoms are related or coincidence.

    On Thursday evening (April 20th) I dropped in a bottle of Natural Chemistry Stain Free to remove some stains in my pool that were not brushing out. Pool water was crystal clear before adding and most stains were gone about 1 hour after dropping in the stain free.

    Friday I had to work 24 hours (firefighter) and couldn't look at my pool.

    This morning (Saturday) I go out to drop in my Zodiac G3 cleaner and the water is cloudy white. No noticeable smell to the water if that matters.

    The temperature has been in the mid 90's yesterday and today

    I am using Taylor TF-100 Kit. Just ran a test right now and came back with these numbers:

    FC: 0
    CC: 0 (remained clear after adding drops)
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 110
    CH: 825 ppm
    CYA: 90
    Water Temperature: 78F

    Since I fired my former pool guy, I have been testing my water about once a week for the past month and a half and my OT chlorine test has always been dark yellow (5 or higher) but today it was clear and 0.5 and my CDT had always turned dark pink after adding the powder and today the sample stayed cloudy white.

    I have also always came out with a CYA of 80-100. My old pool guy used to use tablets in a floater and would charge me extra once a year for "water conditioner" which I believe is CYA (???) which he always added in April but since I fired him in January he never added any this year. Would my CYA levels stay this high for so long here in Southern California?

    Also, I've noticed the ball on the flow meter on my liquidator has been stuck down at 1 upon start up of the pool pump and I have to turn the dial up for more flow.

    19,000 gallon in ground plaster pool with overflowing spa, Crystal Water Aqua Clean DE Filter (48sq/ft), Pentair WhisperFlow Pump, 8 gallon liquidator w/ 3/8" upgrade, Zodiac G3 Barracuda, TF-100 test kit

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    Re: Cloudy white water after stain free or something else?

    I can answer one question for you absolutely. CYA doesn't go away. If you're reading 90 now, you'll still be above 80 for the 4th of July, unless you replace a lot of water. Which isn't a bad idea, since Moonbeam announced the drought is over and your CH is only going to get worse. I gain about 25/week during the summer unless I replace water. The pool guy I fired also tacked on the annual "conditioner" despite me testing my CYA in the 220-240 range. It took me a couple years to get that down without incurring the wrath of the water company.

    The cloudiness I have no firsthand experience with, as I've never added any miracle snake-oils to my pool. A quick search tells me your situation is common. Follow that link. Maybe one of those older threads will have an answer.
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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