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Thread: Where do you get your liquid chlorine?

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    Where do you get your liquid chlorine?

    This is for anyone who has access to the 5 gallon jugs of liquid, not store bleach.

    A few of the pool stores in the area carry the pallets full of the jugs. Prices have been steadily rising year after year. The closest store, and the one notoriously expensive, is now asking $19.50 for a jug. Another one about 8 miles away is a little cheaper - $16-17 or so.

    I have a friend who owns a chemical supply distributorship that gives it to me at cost - maybe $8 a jug, but it is a 60 mile ride and I can only legally carry 10 gallons at a time without a special hazmat permit.

    I checked online, doubting that such a heavy product could be gotten any better after shipping $$, and I was right.

    If my local supply (the store 8 miles away) is selling 12% strength (my friend's is 12.5%), how does this compare to Walmart plain bleach, pricewise?
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    Re: Where do you get your liquid chlorine?

    One of my local pool stores has a crate of 4 1-gal jugs of 12.5% for 16.60. 19.50 for 5 gal is similar.

    The "unit price" for liquid chlorine is price per oz of pure hypochlorite. So, it's

    price / ( oz x percent )

    In my case, 16.60 / ( 512 x .125 ) = 0.259
    Yours is 19.50 / ( 640 x .12 ) = 0.254, a smidge better

    Do the similar calculation for big-box or grocery-store bleach to see how the prices compare. For example say you're looking at a 182-oz jug of 6%. Is it a better price? Work it out this way: figure out what the price would have to be to be exactly the same as the pool store, then you know what price walmart or whoever has to beat.

    ??? / ( 182 x .06 ) = 0.254, so ??? = 0.254 x ( 182 x .06 ) = 2.77; if it's less than $2.77 then it's a better deal than the pool store.
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