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Thread: Clearing Pollen

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    Clearing Pollen

    Hi All;

    Had a ton of pollen this year, green dust all over vehicles, driveway, etc. Pool opened clear without any problems. But after pollen hit pool is cloudy. Running sand filter about 10 hrs daily but it seems to be taking a long time to clear.

    Water is blue
    Losing 1.5 ppm FC Daily

    Suggestions welcome.

    Gary R.
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    Re: Clearing Pollen

    Welcome,Chuckles. I'm in the middle of a forest so know exactly what you're talking about. In my case, filtering 24/7 during high pollen activity helps keep me crystal clear. In your shoes,I'd bump up filter time for a few days to see the difference. Using a skimmer sock on your skimmer basket will also help trap it.

    If after a fe days the extra filtering isn't helping, there are products such as the that can be purchased with an adapter to fit on a return. That bumps up filtration a good deal...people on wells and with smaller AGP filters love em. Butthat might be overkill for your purposes
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    Re: Clearing Pollen

    You can also add a small amount of DE to the filter through the skimmer. It will help the filter trap the very smallest of particles and help clear the water faster. Just be sure to watch the pressure as it will rise a lot faster since it's trapping more.

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    Re: Clearing Pollen

    Ditto on living in the woods. My brown truck is green right now! If you gph Ave a 2 speed pump run it on low 24x7. My VS pump runs 24x7 in spring and fall at 1100 rpm to clear all the tree stuff. It only uses 150 watts at 1100 rpm so at 10.25c/kWh it costs less than 12 bucks per month. And I keep my FC at 10% of CYA.

    A 2 speed pump uses 1/4 the electricity to move half the water as it does on high.
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