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Thread: In a!!!

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    In a!!!

    Once upon a time...some very nice people for lack of a better word...lazy. They did not cover their pool for the winter. They did drain it down past the intake/outflow holes and winterized their pumps and ladder etc. Well during the winter(temps up and down like a yo-yo) a squirrel decided to take a dip in the freezing water, sadly he did not make and had to be disposed of. Then a couple of months later a young possum followed in the footsteps of said squirrel...he too went the way of the green can to heaven. The pool was a yucky mess as thousands of sycamore tree leaves had fallen into it over the fall and winter. Along came the nice roofers to put a new roof on the house and they decided to tarp the pool so the ancient cedar shakes would not damage pool. They did not bring any thing to hold the edge of the tarp so the nice lady let them use her newly planted pots as anchors. That night a bad storm came and dumped 4 inches of water on the tarp and the next morning 2 of the pots were in the drink. The lady fished out 5 of the plants and the now empty pots. So the nice people decided to drain the pool. It is green and nasty with a good portion of potting soil on the bottom. It is down 2/3 of the way or a little better. They have been scooping leaves for 2 weeks and think they have most of them.

    So my question, do we...I mean the nice people continue to drain the pool then try to scoop out remaining leaves and dirt clean then refill or stop the draining and try to vacuum out the remaining leaves and dirt and shock the remainder of the water before refilling( will we ever be able to get all the dirt out?) or??? IMG_2580.jpgIMG_2581.jpg

    If you read this far thanks for listening to the story. I know we have learned a huge lesson. Just trying to decide what is our best option.
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    Re: In a!!!

    If it's WELL protected from wind..............I'd finish draining, clean it, and FILL IT RIGHT BACK UP. All the same day if possible. Sad fairy tale there! Good luck.
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    Re: In a!!!

    SHOP VAC!!!!!! I have been there done that with my pool! 6 months of sitting waiting for us to buy this foreclosed home.

    Drain, vac, add water, have fun!

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    Re: In a!!!

    I would - as others recommended drain the pool.
    Wash with a high pressure hose nozzle, bursh and mild soap to remove dirt
    Rinse and drain
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