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Thread: Spa Gas Heater Wont Heat!!!

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    Spa Gas Heater Wont Heat!!!

    So i have an in ground spa, it sits in the deck area. I havnt used it for about 6 years, so i went and got a new pump, re-did the PVC and everything worked. But the heating did not. Im using a gas heater and when i turn it on only the pilot turns on, it makes no noise and the main burners dont seem to turn on, i dont actually know how to use the heater properly so maybe im doing somethinf wrong? The flow into the heater is really strong so i know thats not an issue. I put pictures below of the heater if anyone can help me please.

    P.S. the pump and heater light are on (orange)

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    Re: Spa Gas Heater Wont Heat!!!

    Hi there! We aren't ignoring you, I just haven't been able to find an expert to help.

    I'll preface this by saying anything to do with gas is obviously pretty dangerous. Here is what I'd check on my own heater, and you may need to call a professional.

    1. Check that gas valve to heater is open. You have a pilot, so I'm assuming there is gas being supplied to the unit.
    2. Run the pump (you've already got this)
    3. Make sure any power button for the heater is on. My heater has a switch that selects off, spa thermostat, or pool thermostat. To make the heater run, I have to select pool or spa.
    4. Turn thermostat(s) to maximum heat to see if it will light that way.

    You have a bunch of controls there that don't make much sense to me, so I'm a bit at a loss as to how to help. Most of the owners manuals I've found for that unit are in French, and my French isn't very good. It sounds to me like you're getting gas, the pilot is good, but for whatever reason the burners aren't lighting. My immediate guesses are potentially a bad thermostat, maybe a failure in whatever board controls opening the main gas valve to the burners. This is something you may want to hire a professional to help you with.
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    Re: Spa Gas Heater Wont Heat!!!

    Since the pilot lights, gas is getting to that point. Given that the burner is next in line in the gas flow, odds are good that is where the problem lies. It could be as simple as an obstruction in the burner tube - very likely if it has not been used for 6 years. Spiders and mud daubers love to build webs/nests in burner tubes. This is the first thing I would check. If any obstructions are found, removing them will likely solve this problem.

    If this turns out to be the problem, I suggest running the heater periodically to deter these types of critters from setting up shop in the burner tubes. A few minutes once or twice a months is all it takes.
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