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Thread: Pool Foundation

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    Pool Foundation

    Here in the Arkansas Delta, we have what is called gumbo. The soil is like concrete when dry and like a sticky goo when wet.

    My neighbors have had to backfill their above ground pools in spots around their pools.

    I have a 24' round I am installing myself and would like to use the rock dust or crushed rock for a foundation. Place my pavers. Then masonary sand along with a gorrilla pad and cove inserts.

    Will this work ?
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    Re: Pool Foundation

    Not a pool expert but living in the area I can tell you no one understand this gumbo unless you've seen it work. I have seen where it has dried and pulled water mains apart like taffy.

    I would recommend either an above ground pool or a Gunite pool with a good warranty. I have friends who used fiberglass and vinyl liner in-ground pools have lots of troubles in this area.

    (I went with the above ground option)
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    Re: Pool Foundation

    You are on the right track - the crushed rock dust is often a favorite just for this purpose. Remember that the pavers need to be buried in the ground so that the tops are level with the ground. Make sure everything is level within 1/4-1/2" - use a lazer transit or water level.
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    Re: Pool Foundation

    Thnaks for the input.

    A guy here in town brought his backhoe out and scraped the ground for me. He didn't charge me anything and said he would bring the filler sand at no charge. His son goes to school with my son. My boy has Muscular Dystrophy and his doctor said a pool is the only good exercise he can get.

    The area he dug out is a bit deep. I could put the pool on top of the dugout area, but I think it would settle too much over the next year. I think the rock dust or rock tailings are the way to go. I hear it is almost like concrete if you wet it and pack it down.
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