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Thread: A very big thank you! And 2 questions.

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    A very big thank you! And 2 questions.


    I would like to say a very big thank you for this board. I really had no idea on how to run my pool. For those dealing with cloudy water, follow what this board recommends. I will become a lifetime member.

    My pool pump burnt out last year just as I was getting to start up. So, it sat open last winter and this past winter. Needless to say, leaves and organic debris ruled my pool. This year I found this board and others that guided me in the correct direction. I first removed all leaves I could by hand. Then I bottom vac the pool twice. I would also clean the cartridge filter 3x a week. Ran the pool pump 24/7 to filter the water. For correct chemical analysis, I would also carry my water sample to my pool store since they test for free.

    Their chlorine is the most economical buy for my pool. I shocked weekly and kept brushing weekly and vac if necessary. My pool was clean but cloudy for weeks. From the advice on this board, I installed a skimmer sock. I believe it was the one item that tipped the balance in my favor. I really like the skimmer socks! Now I am happy to say my water is crystal clear.

    Being crystal clear now and living in Florida, I have found sand in the bottom of the pool. Now I am wondering:

    1) Should I bottom vac with the skimmer sock installed or without the skimmer sock and just rinse the cartrigde filter after vac duty? I am worried about the sand damaging my new pump.

    2) Is there anyplace to buy a volume pack of skimmer socks? My packs only come with 5 in a pack. I do wash the socks and reuse but they tear after so many uses....



    P.S. I will be buying a pool cover for the shutdown!
    30' Above Ground Allegro (22,000 gal), 1.5hp WaterWay HiFlo Pump, Sta-Rite Catridge Filter, Polaris 65 auto cleaner

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    1. I'd try to run the vac with the skimmer sock first, just to save you the trouble of cleaning the cartridge. Now if you have a LOT of debris, then you'd be better off removing the sock.

    2. I don't know about a multi pack but a sock last at least three weeks or so in my pool. I vacuum at least once a week and clean out the skimmer every two days unless it has been windy and allot of debris is in there.

    One last comment, most pool stores (with possibly the exception of Waterbears' Ace) test water for "free" to sell you stuff so, is it really free? My advice, take matters into your own hands, buy a good FAS-DPD test kit (like the one sold here) and do your own testing.


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