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Thread: newbie w/ cloudy water--HELP

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    newbie w/ cloudy water--HELP

    Hello, Just purchased a Tuff Pool -Vinyl with hayward pump/sand filter. Wanted salt water pool so got suckered into the Pool Stores initial start-up. Here's what they had me add -Conditioner, Pool Perfect, 9 bags of pool salt (added eight), 2 bottles of shock (liquid chlorine) which I added the following day.
    When I first filled the pool, water was nice and clear, started the pump and filter per instructions, backwashing, rinse, then filter, but apparently alot of the media (zeobrite stuff) went in through the return jet and clouded up my water. This morning after reading several post, I brushed the floor and sides and noticed there was a lot of sediment on the ground (maybe algae starting to form?) Couldn't tell too cloudy to see. Well I poured another bottle of the Shock stuff they sold me, (have a case, and will begin to used the bleach method!) and left the pump running for aprox 8 1/2hrs. (Electrician comes tomorrow so kind of scared to leave the pump running over night from an extension plug to my gagrage.) Water still looks the same and I brushed again, something is settling on the floor cause I noticed once I brush a spot, the floor looks more like the blue color of the liner.
    I have read extensively and know I need to order that test kit so you know what the heck I'm talking about, but did take a sample into the pool store today to see what they would say, naturally, I bought nothing until I hear some advice from you guys. I always seem to get the new teenager at the store that has to ask someone else for advise!!!!

    Here's the results
    Free Chlorine 6.0ppm
    Total Chlorine 6.0ppm
    Combined Chlorine 0.0ppm
    pH 7.8
    Hardness 105ppm
    Alkalinity 115ppm
    Cyanuric Acid 30ppm

    they suggest pH is high add 10.0 oz Muriatic Acid or 13.0 oz pH Minus
    Hardness is low add 13lb Hardness Control
    Free Chlorine is above recommended range- allow to dissipate overnight & retest

    Also got that pool frog free with my pool purchase, should I even bother installing that in? From what I've read-- too many unhappy customers.
    Like I said totally NEW to this pool up-keep thing so not hip to all the chemical talk here, step by step instructions please
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    Re: newbie w/ cloudy water--HELP

    Welcome to TFP!

    I suggest you do some reading at Pool School.

    Vinyl pools don't even need as much calcium hardness as you already have.

    Lowering the PH to around 7.5 is a good idea.

    If you are going to be using a SWG, then you need to raise your CYA level more, to between 70 and 80. Otherwise it is fine where it is.

    Stay away from the pool frog.

    Are you able to manually vacuum? It is probably worth trying to vacuum up whatever has settled on the bottom.
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    Re: newbie w/ cloudy water--HELP

    Hello, thanks for answering so quickly.
    I have this Hayward skimmer with a vacuum attachment thing but not quite sure how to use it?
    Will pool school give me directions on lowering pH and raising CYA?
    I'm clueless here.

    Also just read one post about algae looks cloudy green when you move it as oppose to dirt. Mine has a light green tint when I brush. Is there anyway I can find out for sure?
    20' round, 8700 gal TUFF Pool, vinyl, Hayward S210T Pro Series 21" sand Filter, Hayward Power-Flo Matrix 1.5 HP pump, SolarChlor SWG, Pool Frog

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    Re: newbie w/ cloudy water--HELP

    Hi Jaja,

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaja
    Will pool school give me directions on lowering pH and raising CYA?
    To lower pH, we use Muriatic Acid. Use Jason's Pool Calculator (link in my sig, in Pool School, & on home page) to calculate the dose for your pool.

    Determine the amount of CYA (a/k/a conditioner, stabilizer) needed using the Pool Calculator. In the calculator, your goal is 70 or 80 for the SWG and your starting "now" column is "30". Add about half (1/2) the amount needed in a sock and hang it in front of a return stream. It will slowly dissolve. Don't test for new CYA levels for a week. After this test, you can adjust and add CYA to reach your goal number. We do not want to overshoot the goal, and adding in increments helps to avoid mistakes.

    If you want, just play with the calculator and post back what calculations you get. Someone will be around to help you confirm your input/calculations before you add chems to your pool.
    Post back in this thread.

    And yes, you do need that test kit and the salt test strips, too!
    I recommend the TF100 from Duraleigh, the owner, is always around to help.

    I'll let someone else talk about the vac'ing.

    Welcome to the forum
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