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Thread: Two weeks stain treatment. a couple of closing questions..

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    Two weeks stain treatment. a couple of closing questions..

    Thanks to everyone who talked me into once again doing the vitamin-c treatment. This time I meticulously have followed all the instructions. I'm still adding about 4OZ of sequestrant each day and keeping my PH down to 7.2. Also, took Waterbear's advise and raised my CH, but it's taking a while to rise. I think it's around 240ppm now.
    It took about 11 days for the free chlorine to finally hold. The pool is looking great, and I will post a picture of the results soon.

    The question I have now:
    Can I bring my PH back up to 7.4 or 7.5?
    Is 4oz of sequestrant every day about right?

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    Re: Two weeks stain treatment. a couple of closing questions..

    If you do nothing the pH will rise on it's own. Don't worry about it but don't let it climb abive abut 7.6.
    Sequsterant is going to be needed at the maintenance dose for your size pool (read the instrucitons on the bottle) weekly to montly.
    I would add it weekly for a month or so and then cut back to twice a month. If no stains return in about 2 months of this try cutting back to monthly. If no stains return just add the sequesterant monthly.
    If at any point the stains return add a treatment dose of sequesterant (usually a pt to qt. per 10k gallons), drop the pH to 7.0, and the stains should disappear in a few days. In bad cases you might need to add a double dose of sequesterant. Do not be alarmed if the water clouds for a few days.
    Once the stains are lifted go back to the maintenance level that kept the stains away (weekly or biweekly).

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