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Thread: Setting Up Returns

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    Setting Up Returns

    I have an 18x33 oval AGP.I have one return that I think was placed in the wrong spot. Its about 4 feet from the skimmer and the eyeball pushes debris away from the skimmer. Is there such a thing as a 90 degree fitting to get a better direction for water flow around the pool? How will that affect chemical circulation ? Don't want to create a dead spot in the middle.

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    Re: Setting Up Returns

    Have you tried directing the eyeball down more so that it has less of an impact on the surface of the water near the skimmer?
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    Re: Setting Up Returns

    You have 2 returns? Are they on either side of the skimmer? Direct one towards and one away so that the water circulates clockwise around the oval. Both should be facing downward unless you have a TA problem and want to aeriate the water. If they are both on the one side of the skimmer then just point downward and make sure at least one is in the general direction of the skimmer.
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    Re: Setting Up Returns

    One return.
    The skimmer is dead center of one end of the oval with the return mid-oval.
    Which means its stream is angled across the front of the skimmer.
    Angling the eyeball downward is the best spot but still creates a vortex that sucks down passing leaves and whatever.
    Is there a return fitting that is moer adjustable than the regular eyeball?

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    Re: Setting Up Returns

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    If your 'eyeball' is less than 1" replace it with the 1" version and aim it away from the skimmer and so the surface of the water doesn't ripple for ~ 5' out. They are all the same way - the skimmer and 1 return are ~ next to each other. Pointing the inlet towards the wall (away from the skimmer) and almost level with the water SHOULD provide good circulation to get the top debris to and into the skimmer
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