12x24x52" Ultraframe Leveling Question (Out of level)


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Mar 30, 2017

I have graded out my pad for my pool (had it graded professionally and then brought in 7 tons of screening to finish it off). I used a compactor and lots of water to get it as level as I could. I used a board with a level on top of it to fine tune it. I set up my pool and filled it with about 6 inches of water. There is one corner that is obviously higher because that corner is dry (note*I did have to have a pretty large stump ground out in this dry corner area, and then I filled it will fill dirt and topped it with sand (compacted it very well) and kept it a bit "mounded" to compact more down when filled with water. That is the area were there is no water.) The other corner on that same end is at about a 2" level. The other end water level is even on both sides. Looks like I'm about 4" off. I did put large concrete pavers under each of the legs, and made those level all the way around. So it is seeming that it isn't the frame that is off level, but the ground under the liner. I've looked many places to see if the importance is that the frame is level all around or if the frame AND entire liner should be all level (or in other words, the entire bottom of the pool should be level).

I can find MANY suggestions to level out a round pool, but any tricks to level out a large rectangular area (I did use a long board with a 4 foot level on top of it, but that obviously didn't work out too well). Any suggestions here?

Should I fill it up more to see if the weight of the water compacts the ground to make it closer to even? Is 6 inches of water even able to tell me how it will be when it is full (especially with me having to put down top soil in the area where the stump was ground out?) Will the frame being level compensate for the bottom of the pool being un-level? I want it to be safe, obviously, and logic says that the entire thing needs to be as level as possible, but just thought I would double check my thinking.

(I've done the whole prep to install myself (except for putting up the frame), and am kinda sick of the pool already! Trying to keep my eye on the prize though - floating in the pool on a hot day)!



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Apr 29, 2016
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A water level is a great way to level an area for a pool. You basically need two yard sticks and about 25 feet of clear vinyl tubing.
Attach one end of the tubing down the length of one of the yard sticks. Attach the other end to the other yard stick.
mount one of the vertically in the center of your pool area.
Stand the other stick next to the first one and carefully fill the tubing with colored water until it is halfway up each yard stick.
Every where you move the free yard stick the water level will change and the difference in water level measured on the yard stick is how our of level your site is.

A much better description of what I am trying to explain is HERE.

Start with a level compacted site. If the pool bottom isn't level it will take the frame with it. A little extra work here will keep you happy and floating for a long time to come.