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Thread: plumbing

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    can someone direct me to or post some pics of their pool plumbing, weather rigid/flex or both.
    im a newbie and currently have flex hose but im thinking of moving my filter and pump etc..anywhere from 20-30 ft and im not sure if i go with rigid pvc if i have to bury it otherwise how would i go that distance and support the pipes? pics would really help since im not really up on the termanology. by the way its an ag pool
    Above ground 33 ft round 52 in. high
    Approx. 25000 gallons
    Hayward Dreamline Sand filter holds 250lbs sand
    Hayward CL-200 chlorinator
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    Re: plumbing

    Schedule 40 PVC is an easy to work with, economical choice. You can bury it fairly easily. A foot is plenty deep, since the pipes won't have water in them if it gets cold. You'll want to blow them out with a shop vac if you winterize the pool.
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    Re: plumbing

    a shop vac will be strong enough to blow the water through and up a 90 degree elbow and out the top?
    Above ground 33 ft round 52 in. high
    Approx. 25000 gallons
    Hayward Dreamline Sand filter holds 250lbs sand
    Hayward CL-200 chlorinator
    Hayward 1.5 hp 67 GPM pump

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    Re: plumbing

    Welcome to TFP!!

    A shop vac will do fine for your AG pool (If you had an IG with a main drain, it might be a different story )

    BTW - you're making a good choice by plumbing the pool with pvc
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: plumbing

    While I doubt my pool setup is a good match for comparison to yours, here are the pictures of my water in and water out

    Water in (from the pool)

    Water out (to the pool)

    I do not know how deeply the pipes are run, but I have an inground pool, with an 8 or 9 foot deep end and the main drain at the bottom.

    The pool man -- Steve -- put in a three way valve and replaced the above ground main drain line (left size) with flex for simplicity when we got our new pump installed. He used both flexible and fixed pipes depending on convenience, ease and intended use.
    There are two lines going back to the water inlets. The one on the left has an old valve and go to two jets that are part of a "spa-like" ventury system to add air. This is no longer needed since the Ozonator injects a lot of air itself into the line.

    If I replace the sand filter, it will be with one that supports 2" piping, since the pump has 2" pipe ports. This should reduce my pressure and improve flow, since I have two 1.5" pipes for water in, and 2x 1.5" pipes for water out.

    Don't know if this helps, but it's my story and I'm stickin with it.
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