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Thread: pH staying up

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    pH staying up

    I am having a problem with my pH staying around 7.8 this year. The water is perfect otherwise. I would just like to see the pH hold around 7.4. I am adding muriatic acid about once a week to adjust. I have added a liquidator this year instead of daily dosing with bleach. Any suggestions?
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    Re: pH staying up

    What is your TA?
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    Re: pH staying up

    ta 100
    cl 3
    stabilizer 40
    20 x 40 IG vinyl liner, 2 skimmer, 8 gallon liquidator, in Tennessee

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    Re: pH staying up

    Well, if pH rising too much is a problem, the usual answer is to lower TA. Since you said "this year" I'm assuming it's not a new plaster situation. Do you have a waterfall or other water features that could be aerating? That will tend to make pH increase as well.
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    Re: pH staying up

    I have the same problem jinnbake. Seems to always draw up to 7.8 and my TA bounces between 70-80, I have no aeration either. I don't know how high it will go because I drop it at that point. Going to watch this thread to see if we can learn something.
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    Re: pH staying up

    No, no waterfall or other water feature. I also have a vinyl liner. I, too, don't know how high the pH will rise because once it hits 7.8 I lower it. I guess it is not a huge promblem....just wondering if there is anything I can do to stabilize it.
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    Re: pH staying up

    My pool wants to be at 7.8pH. I have no idea why but that's fine with me. If my pool is happy within acceptable parameters (and 7.8 is acceptable) then I am very happy, too.
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    Re: pH staying up

    It is normal for a pool to rise to a pH of around 8.2 when there are bicarbonates (TA) in the water. This is what the bicarbonate buffer does and where it wants to rest. By lowering the TA you can slow this process down but you don't eliminate it! By adding borates you add a secondary buffer that is trying to lower the pH so the pH rides at about 7.7 for quite a while but the bicarbonate buffer eventually 'wins' and the pH rises higher than that.

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