We have someone coming to give us a estimate to get our liner redone and a couple other things tomorrow. We currently have plaster that is quickly deteriorating, damaged areas range from the size of my fist up to the size of a serving platter.....18 in all!! It is the original liner on a pool built in the mid 70's. Anything we need to talk specifically with this guy about? We are interested to get something a little better than plaster, something that will surely last a heck of alot longer and look alot better. Is pebble tech the only player out there? What else should we consider? I guess we want the best bang for our buck, money and time.

I am not sure if the pool remodeler will frown on this or not....we would like to replace the waterline tile ourselves, and maybe the coping. We are thinking we would like to do this at the same time he is plastering.....He comes in removes the plaster and waterline tile (and coping if we decide to do that) and hauls it all of. I would then take a couple days to do the waterline tile work (lay the tile the grout it). There needs to be some work done on the wall jets and such that could be done at that time too. Then he would come back after tile and jet/drain work is done and finish the plaster work. Anyone have a good feel if pool contractors rom upon this , maybe not want to touch it with the homeowner wanting to do some of the work? This wouldn't be a bang bang bang/get in get out job for him. He may have to start the job, wait for me, come back and finish.