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Thread: TFP Test kit confusion

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    TFP Test kit confusion

    I was hoping for some guidance. I just bought the TFP test Kit after reading reviews about it. Previously, I always used the basic strips from commercial stores. My water has always been clear and I have few problems with water balancing (or so I thought). My results after using TFP’s kit are confusing to me and I wonder if I am doing something wrong: My results were:

    FC: 9.5
    PH: 7.4
    TA: 80
    CH: 240
    CYA: 30

    The Chlorine drop test took 19 drops to get it “totally” clear. TA test only turns pink, it never turned red- is this an issue? For CYA testing, is the black dot supposed to be completely hidden? CH turned pink, not red…is this considered red in the test? Calcium is present…is that bad?

    To check my accuracy, I brought my water to a pool store. He did a thorough test. There results (the same day I tested my water myself with TFP) were:

    FC: 5.5
    PH: 7.6
    TA: 90
    CH: 180
    CYA: 45

    Any advice? Thanks!
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    Re: TFP Test kit confusion

    Trust your own results with the TF100!

    On all of the tests except FC and CH you are within the normal margin of error for the test compared to the pool store. FC tends to be lost on the way to the pool store, so the only one that actually disagrees is the CH test.

    The CH test is sensitive to being done too quickly. Pool stores are especially likely to rush this one and get incorrect results. You should make sure to swirl the sample for 15 seconds or more after each drop of the titration. Do the test again, going slowly, and see if you get the same result you had last time. If you get the same number twice in a row then you are doing the test correctly.
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    Re: TFP Test kit confusion

    For TA and CH, you look for (1) the color to start changing, and then (2) the color to stop changing. For CYA, you want the black dot to completely disappear.
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    Re: TFP Test kit confusion

    Lots of us have had issues learning the CYA test. Here's a link to Taylor's visual of the CYA test, scroll to the bottom: ... ntentID=44

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: TFP Test kit confusion

    All- Very helpful- Thank you.
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