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Thread: Liner hooks up to the decking will any beaded liner fit.

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    Liner hooks up to the decking will any beaded liner fit.

    The used above ground pool I am installing (slowly) needs a replacement liner. The old liner hooked into the decking on a 1 inch lip. Do you think I can use any beaded liner to fit? I noticed when I go on line to price beaded liners the only variations seem to be in color design and pool size. I just want to make sure there are specific beaded liners to fit certain pools etc....

    Thanks Chuck
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    My guess is YES, unless you have an odd shaped pool. Also, I believe the Unibead/Vbead or Jhook liners will work on those too. They also have the design around the top and can sometimes be less expensive, depending on where you look.
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    Re: Liner hooks up to the decking will any beaded liner fit.

    Ok, going the used route I too ended up with one of these USA Industries pools and need a liner. Company says they use a special bead and a regular beaded liner won't work. Others of you that have these pools have trouble using a regular beaded liner? Will it work ok?


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    Re: Liner hooks up to the decking will any beaded liner fit.

    The bead does matter! Ans fwiw - some Ag liners have a "J- hook" to attach them. I have a sample of the 4 types of beads that I carry in my service van and check to see which one best fits the track when I'm out measuring for a new liner - of course this doesn't help you

    I would ask the manufacturer for advice on how to determine which bead you need.
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    Re: Liner hooks up to the decking will any beaded liner fit.

    For anyone else with this pool (USA Industries type) I did take a section of my top rail to the pool store, they said it was like alot like the top of inground type pools. They did say it looked like a standard beaded liner would fit and we tried several pieces from new liner samples, all the beaded liner samples they had were pretty much alike and they said they were just standard beaded liners. They did catch in the bead groove and seemed to hold fine. I ordered a 'standard 24 x 48 beaded above ground liner'. When it came in I also bought a roll of 'bead lock' just as a little insurance to hold it. When I started to install the liner all was going great, hooking and holding fine. The 'bead lock' strip would not fit in, there just wasn't enough room left in the groove for it. When I got to about 3/4 of the liner bead install and started pulling and stretching the liner would come loose at most of the 'corners' . It just wouldn't stay in. I tried the bead lock roll again but no luck. What I did was make my own bead lock out of some thin plastic from wood paneling connectors. I cut strips of this plastic which is about a 1/16th of an inch thick into about 1/4 inch wide strips. I wedged this in above the bead in the groove all the way around. I fit really tight and snug and holds the liner in perfect and the 'corners' are good. Sorry for the long post but for anyone else wanting to know, there is a way to use a standard beaded liner rather than pay them $750 up to $1500 for their 'special liner'.

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