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Thread: Liquidator question

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    Liquidator question

    Hello all,
    I have a 8 gallon liquidator. I used it all of last year with great success.
    I used ultra bleach and it kept up pretty well.

    Here is my dilemma......

    I have had a greenish tint pool twice. I shocked according to here with good success. The last time my cya was low so I added some stabilizer and cya is at 40 now. I then put a solar cover on it and hoped it would decrease the FC usage. My Fc seem to be stable at 4-5. I took the cover off and had green algae on the liner in certain spots. I brushed and it cleared up in a day. I kept my FC 3-5. The pool now began to get cloudy and greenish.

    I reshocked today and keeping the level above 15 for a few days. Fc was 15 last night and 18 this am with the liquidator at fill blast ~ 4.

    My question is the LG doesn't seem to be keeping up. I bought the 12.5 percent liquid chlorine and added 4 gallons to the LQ. I have my valve wide open and the flow is on 4. It seems like the stronger bleach doesnt go in as fast if that makes sense.

    I guess my question is do I have to run the LQ at a higher rate with the more concentrated chlorine ( 12.5%) ?

    I thought the higher the concentration the lower I could run the LQ. The LQ is being finicky this year.


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    Re: Liquidator question

    A full set of test numbers would help.

    I suspect that you have a low level algae problem, mostly kept under control by the constant supply of chlorine from the Liquidator, but never completely wiped out. That would create some extra chlorine demand and make the Liquidator look like it was putting in less chlorine.

    Do an overnight FC loss test (article in Pool School has instructions) and check to see if you need to shock.
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    Re: Liquidator question

    I checked the FC last night before bed it was about 14 so I added enough chlorine to get it to 16.
    rechecked in the am and the FC was 18 but the LQ was going full blast.

    Should I shut the LQ off before bed, check the FC and then recheck in the am with the LQ still off?

    Here are the most recent numbers
    ph 7.2
    alk 80
    FC 16- in the middle of shocking

    Here is a liquidator question

    Does chlorine at 12.5 percent with a flow meter at 3 put out more chlorine then chlorine 6% at with the flow meter at 3 ?

    It appears this should be the norm but doesnt seem like mine is acting this way.

    I could have had a small algae problem from the darn solar cover i used for about 10 days.

    any thoughts?
    22,000 IG vinyl liner
    sand filter
    LQ 8 gallon

    Jacuzzi Hot Tub
    420 gallons

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    Re: Liquidator question

    In order to do the overnight not ad any Cl after you take your nightime measurement...turn off the liquidator... are adding more Cl to your pool if your flow rate is constant and you increase the concentration of Cl used
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