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Thread: Random Questions from a New Owner

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    Random Questions from a New Owner

    Hi Everyone!

    So I've been lurking on these forums for a while now and have been finding the information here super useful and i'm excited to be here. Based on what I've read, I even picked up the TF-100 Pool Test kit and did my first round of tests today. Woot! I'm currently using one of those puck chlorinators for the pool (i forget what they are called) but I'm about a week away from converting to the Aquarite SWG... very excited. Anyway, here are the results from my first round of tests

    FC 7
    CC 0
    TC 7
    pH 7.5
    TA 140
    CH 290
    CYA 50

    From what i'm seeing, there is little to be concerned about... Although the TA seems a little high. What do you guys think? I've read somewhere in the pool school not to lower the TA for the sake of getting it within a certain range... what is your take on what you are seeing here?

    So here are some of my questions (and some of my thoughts to see if my line of thinking is on the right path):

    (1) I have some questions about the CYA test... do you keep adding the pool water mixture into the bottle until the black dot in the bottom is completely obscured, or until it's faint enough that you can barely make out the black dot? i know it's kinda subjective, but any words of advice on how to administer this test properly would be appreciated.

    (2) If anything has to be adjusted, is there a recommended order? I'm guessing that TA would need to be adjusted before fine-tuning the pH levels; that CH has little bearing on the other readings; CYA is something that takes time to dissolve in the pool (if you need to increase it); and that FC is likely the last thing you work on (with the use of bleach if i use the BBB method or making adjustment to the SWG cell)...

    (3) What are the tests that really need to be done on a regular basis for a SWG pool? I'm figuring that the CYA and CH would not fluctuate much over the course of a season once it's in the "right range" at the beginning of the season. So with that, frequent monitoring of the FC/CC/TC, pH, TA would probably be more necessary with spot checks on the CYA and CH like once a month would be enough. Does this sound right?

    (PS... please excuse me if i have the terminology off... i'm still trying to pick up the language properly here). Thanks in advance for your words of advice!

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    Re: Random Questions from a New Owner

    Welcome to TFP!

    You are doing really well for a first post!

    1) CYA - till the black dot is totally completely gone, no hint of it at all, one uniform gray/white cloudiness.
    2) When everything is close to correct, the order doesn't matter a great deal. If you are lowering TA, then PH will of course change, so no point in adjusting PH and then starting to lower TA.
    3) See Basic Pool Care Schedule in pool school.

    Without a SWG, you can leave the TA level where it is. Once you add the SWG you may find your PH going up quite a bit, and if it does you will want to lower the TA.
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    Re: Random Questions from a New Owner

    Welcome. We LOVE educated newbies.
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