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Thread: Rough Spots (well all spots)

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    Rough Spots (well all spots)

    Hi, we're needing a little advice here.
    While our pool has been open for a while this year, tonight was the first night we
    got into the attached spa. (I'm typing from it now) As soon as we stepped in we noticed
    the seat and the floor are very rough (uncomfortably). Everything was perfectly smooth last year
    at closing. There seems to be some scaling in the shallow end (visibly) but everything else looks ok.
    The spa is very rough as is the seat in the pool section, again this was smooth at closing.
    We're using nothing but liquid bleach due to the high CYA level (100). Also the PH likes to go high
    so I keep it in check with Muratic Acid. As of today the levels that I can remember were as follows.
    CYA 100
    PH 7.4 (added acid yesterday)
    TC 10
    TA 100

    I'll retest everything tomorrow and post all results to aid in a diagnosis..
    For the **** of it since we were sitting in it anyway we took a scotch brite pad to a small section
    and it seemed to smooth it slightly. I'm very confused at this point, I make it a point to test regularly
    and keep everything at the proper level. I'm starting to wonder if the PH going high like it does is or wasn't an
    indication that this was going to happen. Then that brings me to my next question, how do we fix it?

    As far as the pool specs go.
    Big *** concrete with attached spa.
    Sand filter
    1.5 HP Hayward pump
    400 K Raypak propane heater
    That's all I can remember I'll post all that in the morning too.
    Thanks in advance, I'm thinking there's no easy way to smooth things out...


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    Re: Rough Spots (well all spots)

    It certainly sounds like at some point a combination of CH, TA, and pH got too high and caused the calcium to prcipitate onto your walls. This wouldn't be an overnite condition but rather lang term....more like weeks.

    In a pool, drain and professional acid wash is the typical cure. The spa may be small enough you feel like tackling it yourself.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Rough Spots (well all spots)

    I'm guessing this must have happened between pool closing last year and opening this year.
    Would the fact the the PH likes to go high every few days be an indicator that this is/could be happening?
    Also is there something not balanced someplace that is causing the PH raise issue?
    Test as of today.
    PH 7.4
    TC 10
    CC 0
    TA 90
    CH 280
    CYA 90-100

    33k plaster.
    Taylor K-2006 test kit

    Thanks so much for your assistance...

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    Re: Rough Spots (well all spots)

    The most common causes of rising PH are fresh plaster (within the first year after it is applied) and high TA levels. Your TA isn't especially high, though it is high enough to cause some PH drift if you have a source of aeration (SWG, waterfall, fountain, etc).
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    Re: Rough Spots (well all spots)

    No waterfall or fountain. I thought the normal range for TA was
    between 80-120 or am I remembering something wrong..
    I do have a question though, well two actually. The only difference
    between the closing last year and previous years is when the pool light was
    removed and anchored to the bottom instead of using the blue things with sand
    the closer grabbed one of the bricks from my flower beds, wrapped it in blue foam
    and sank that to anchor the light. Could the brick in the pool the entire off season
    have jacked things up like that?
    One more question. I just took a PH reading and it came in around 7.4. Well I was chilling on the
    deck and let the sample sit. In three or 4 minutes it was reading between 7.8 -8.0. Is that normal when
    a sample is left sitting?

    Thanks again for everything.

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