Hi everybody, hope you had a good winter. So it's a new season with a new problem. I'm still using the Arneson Pool Vac that came when the pool was built in 1993. I've replaced a couple set of shoes and one set of wings but it keeps on moving. However, over the last few seasons I've noticed that when I adjust the bottom drain to get the right pressure for it, I end up with air entrained in the return. It seems to be even worst this year ( I finally got opened up last weekend.) When in normal filter mode I don't have air entrained but it seems to only be when the pump's suction pressure is increased for the "Pac Man". I thought it might be air from the flex hose but I tried submerging it and didn't notice any change. The higher pressure could be sucking air around the ball valve stems at the pump but I don't know how to confirm this. Any ideas? Also, after a lot of air gets in the system it cuts down on the cleaner's performance. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and get a new cleaner since this one has had a long life. I was thinking a robotic cleaner since it doesn't load the filter. I'm sure it would do a much better job since this "PacMan" only wobbles around the bottom. I have a typical 18X36 vinyl pool with a hopper deep end.

Any suggestions for air leak?
Any suggestions for a robotic cleaner for a hopper ended pool?