12 year old multiport valve leaking, repair or replace?


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Sep 29, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have a Hayward sand filter and noticed that, when on recirculate, water is coming out the waste port (a lot of it).

I understand the gasket can be replaced but it's not an easy job and I'd rather not do it if other parts of the filter are on their last legs. I'd rather just replace it and count on another decade of service.

Not sure what the life expectancy is on these units.


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Replacing the entire multiport valve is certainly an option if you're comfortable with the cost. In some cases, by the time you get the new spider gasket and any applicable shaft o-rings, washers, springs, etc, it almost makes sense to just get a new valve. Life expentancy is a tough one. The valve body should last a very long time. It's enemy of course is direct sunlight (UV) and frozen temps (water expansion/cracking) in the wnter. The spider gasket is probably the weakest link in any MVP, followed by perhaps the shaft spring if equipped.


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Aug 19, 2014
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I think a spider gasket is around 15 bucks. And then removing the top screws (make sure the valve goes back on the way it came off orientation wise).

Or pay a pro around $ 400-500 including parts.
My multiport valve was the original (very old) and had a small crack/drip leak
after the 2nd season. Home warranty covered it and the invoice amount was just under $ 500 for parts & labor.
Seemed a bit high cost-wise, but I didn't have to shell out a penny.