12 x 24 Intex rectangular pool --need site prep layout


May 19, 2018
Lake City, Mn
Hello--I am a brand new poster. I had a 16' Round AGP last year, which I am replacing this year with a 12 x 24 x 52" Intex Ultra frame. I am getting help with the leveling the site year, and I was considering either having footings poured or using pavers, and then using foam in the center. I am just curious if anyone could share with me the layout of the support posts to aid in this planning? Thank you so much in advance. --Katy

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Hello Katy and welcome to TFP! :wave: I see no one has replied yet which prmted you to post another duplicate thread. We'll stick wiht this one and try to get it some activity for you. Here are a couple threads I found using teh search feature above:
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It looks like a lot of pics have disappeared ever since the new website migration, but there are a few. Hopefully others will reply to assist.

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