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Thread: Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

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    Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

    It is nearly impossible to remove the mesh cover from my 21' above ground pool without spilling the debris on top of the cover into the pool. It is so heavy, we had 6 guys and it still spilled into the pool. How do people manage?
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    Re: Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

    When my husband and I removed the cover from our 18' round pool, we pulled it as far off as we could and pulled the sides into the middle of the cover. Then I got into the pool and helped push it off because there was some water and leaves. None of the water or leaves got into the pool. It was 90 degrees outside so hoping in a cold pool was a bonus. Also throughout the winter I removed most of the leaves and pumped off as much water as I could.
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    Re: Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

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    It helps a great deal to rake leaves off of the cover before removing it. You also want to fold the cover into a bag, and then pull off the full bag. First, fold the cover in half by pulling one of the short edges across the length of the pool to meet the other short edge. Then grab the folded corners and pull them about half of the remaining distance towards where the two edges just meet up. That will create a kind of pocket for all the debris to sit in. Then you grab hold of all the layers of cover you can and haul the whole thing out of the pool, go as slow as you can to let water drain out. It doesn't work every time, but with some practice it can work.
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    Re: Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

    Quote Originally Posted by edgedude
    How do people manage?
    Depending on where you live.... some members report that they don't cover at all, even in freeze zones like Minnesota. Your profile doesn't give your location....perhaps this is something you can consider? While it means more maintenance year round, you don't have to deal with a yucky cover each Spring. I think they use a mesh leaf cover for fall, then when the leaves have fallen they remove it. Then routinely check the pool for fallen debris and scoop it out with a leaf rake. Sometimes adding bleach and figuring out a method to circulate the water to disperse it. Many report positive results with this method. Something to ponder.
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    Re: Removing the cover, arrrrghhhhh!

    It took two of us to remove cover...I started at back side with my neighbor we worked it around the pool section by section. When we got to the side where the ladder goes there is a gap in the pool fence. I left the cover connected with the pool cover clips there. This way it did not slip back into the pool. When we got to this side of the pool we just pulled the whole thing out of the pool...The water dumped on the ground and only a slim amount got back into the pool...It was cleaned out with the skimmer net immediately. It was a piece of cake...of course I had pumped off all the water three days earlier and the cover was mostly dry anyway. I would not suggest trying to remove a cover with water standing on it.
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