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Thread: What is Green to Clean?

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    What is Green to Clean?

    What is Green to Clean? I know it increases demand for chlorine from a search of past posts, but what does it actually do and does anyone know what is in it?


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    Re: What is Green to Clean?

    It is an ammonia based 'chlorine enhancer' It converts your FC to monochloramine (which is why you need to raise the pH to 8.0 before adding it and chlorine to your pool) which algae then consume as a food (since monochloramine contains nitrogen). The algae dies but you need to keep shocking the pool to get rid of the CC you created and get the FC to hold again. 'Old time' pool techs (and some modern ones that really understand their pool chemistry) use anhydrous ammonia to do the same.

    It also helps remove some of the effects of high CYA since CCs are not affected as much by CYA as FC is.

    It is essentially the same as "Yellow Out" which is also made by Coral Seas.

    Since they do not sell it as an 'algaecide' but as a 'chlorine enhancer' they do not need to list the ingredients but a very similar product from HTH contains EDTA and an undisclosed inorganic ammonia source. Perhaps ammonium chloride or something similar.
    While it can work it's usually not necessary and can be more of a problem than the problem it's trying to fix!

    Same can be said for the sodium bromide based products sold for the same purpose, often from United Chhemical and others (Proteam has a few bromide based algaecides!)

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    Re: What is Green to Clean?

    Thanks for the information...

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