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Thread: want to narrow where on site to search for some things

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    want to narrow where on site to search for some things

    Hi all. I want to research a couple things but so far info seems minor and spread out a good bit. I don't at all mind doing my own research but the posts seem spread pretty thin and I'm not sure of exactly what to look for in topic titles or where to look for it, what forum(s)?

    1st- solar power for pump? Is this available? Cost effective? The pool pump takes a fairly good chunk of electricity and solar power is rather practical even here in East Texas. Also, having an independent power source for the pool appeals to me in general terms.

    2nd- Solar pool heater? Is this available? Cost effective? Here in East Texas the days stay warm enough to swim well into the fall, even what some might consider early winter. But the shortening of the days doesn't keep the water warm enough. since the pool is also therapeutic for both my wife and I, we really desire to get the most functional use out of this thing as we can! But present conventional systems seem to be rather costly, not only to purchase but also to run!

    Finally, swimming pools as a medical aid tool? I am a disabled vet and my doctor suggested using the pool for exercise I can't otherwise do and also to help keep affected limbs more limber. Since it is essentially "prescribed" for medical reasons, does anybody know if there is an6y is there any benefit or assistance programs to help offset upkeep costs associated with home owned swimming pools?

    I think that will keep me busy for a bit, thank you very much!
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    Re: want to narrow where on site to search for some things

    I have been doing a little research on solar pool heating and in calif.I own a therapy pool and it is supported by my clientelle which is not to reliable. My new heater uses a whole therm more a day than my old one. as far as I have investigated, I seem to fall between the cracks for subsidies, tax breaks or grant opportunities I have the right income level but pools are exempt from the tax insentives here available till 2016. The best place to start is with your power provider, local solar companies and local educators we have a person at the university here that is our best bet, still need to talk with him. I am intrested in this info too. It looks like I am going to have privately fund it myself, which I am unable to do at this time.

    I will suggest to try some Watsu Therapy(massage done floating in warm water). I know some great people in Austin. Look on to locate therapists near you.
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    Re: want to narrow where on site to search for some things

    Powering a pool pump directly with solar power is not normally practical. Pool pumps draw a lot of power, which would mean a very large solar array. What some people do is get some solar electric to supplement their utility power. The pool pump then runs on a mixture of solar and utility power depending on what is currently available.

    Solar heat is far more common. Many topics in the Pumping Station and Everything Else areas discuss solar heating.
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    extending use into winter

    I don't have as many answers- but same sort of questions.
    I have dr Rx for pool as medically necessary. Just a bit south of Austin, need to put in heater for winter use.
    As far as I know we can deduct some costs as medical expenses from taxes- any more info on that, I would like to know...
    Propane seems most cost effective... Any suggestions for models?
    What do people in Central Texas do to cover pools for winter use?
    I mean a removable cover that is in place while you swim. In summer you wouldn't use it...not a greenhouse structure...some material that would lay over water at night and inflate while using?
    Seems like a nylon shell that can be inflated with shop fan is economical solution...
    anyone heard of that?
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