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Thread: I got a Free 18ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool - Need Advice - New To Pool Maintenance

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    I got a Free 18ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool - Need Advice - New To Pool Maintenance

    I got a free Intex pool from a neighbor and need advice regarding startup and chemicals needed to maintain healthy water in it. I know the basic cartridge filters that come with these pools are undersized. Should I see how the factory one does and down the road upgrade to a sand or whatever is current to pool pumps these days? I have never owned a pool so I am new to this whole thing. My understanding is you need to do water tests weekly to maintain correct chlorine and acidic levels which prevent algae growth? I am in the research mode and have not yet assembled the pool on my property.

    Can anyone suggest helpful videos regarding chemicals and water test kits needed? I know Amazon has these items, I have Prime and have already done a little research on test kits and test strips. I am not sure what chemicals I need for the start-up and maintenance throughout the summer. I also would like to keep the pool up over the winter and just winterize it if possible.

    Does anyone have experience with the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System? Does it help with chlorine and algae like it claims? I have seen many youtube videos with people who have this and swore by the system as oppose to a standard sand or media system.

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    Re: I got a Free 18ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool - Need Advice - New To Pool Maintenance

    You've gotten a good start just by finding us here at TFP. Welcome!

    The best way to learn how to care for your pool is to spend some time in our Pool School section, starting with ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry. The methods we teach here rely on daily home testing of your water chemistry without relying on pool store testing, which is many times inaccurate and designed to get you in the store and get your $$, not to help you maintain your pool.

    The best favor you can do yourself is to order the TF-100 kit from (see TF-100 link in my signature). It is the best value for quantity of reagents and has all the tests you need. The K-2006 from Taylor is also a good option, but you'll be ordering reagents sooner if you go with that kit. Check out the kit comparison here: Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    Once you have a kit ordered, it's up to you to do some research in Pool School to see if our methods make sense and will work for you.

    Specifics on your questions:
    Yes, the Intex filtration systems are marginal at best. Undersized for sure. You would be better off going with a sand filtration set up right away rather than trying to limp along with the undersized cartridge that comes with them.

    Salt water systems do help make chlorinating your pool easier. They still require frequent testing and maintenance but you're not having to dose with liquid chlorine/bleach as is recommended with TFP methods. Solid forms of chlorine (all of them) will eventually cause problems in your pool. Keep in mind, salt water pools are still chlorine pools. The chlorine is produced by the salt water chlorine generating cell by converting salt to chlorine. If you wanted to go with a SWCG system for your pool, I would also suggest going with a SWCG system that is rated for TWICE the actual volume of your pool. It will last longer and you'll have to run the pump for less time to produce enough chlorine for your pool. Your pool is about 7500 gallons, so a SWCG rated for 15K gallons would be best.

    Also... update your location in your profile to include a state rather that just a city. Regional location can help us give you better advice. Filling out your signature also helps us see what pool you're dealing with easily with each post. See here: Edit Signature
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