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Thread: Just getting started this year --drained water and re-filled

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    Just getting started this year --drained water and re-filled

    Water was nasty green with debris
    drained completely and refilled with clean water
    i have not put any chemicals yet - test shows zero chlorine and ph is too high
    any advise on what to put first?
    Products on hand:
    Chlorine tablets
    liquid bleach
    shock it
    baking soda
    slo n lo (to lower the ph).

    My problem is i don't know which product to add first, or how much of each to add
    is it ok to add multiple products at the same time?
    14,700 gallons - 30x16 oval Above Ground with Vinyl liner
    sand filter Brand and model of pump filter unknown
    I have unlimited deep well water
    I'm using a cheap Clorox brand water test kit (temporary)

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    Re: Just getting started this year --drained water and re-filled

    Welcome to the forum!

    OK- first things first- You need one of the recommended test kits either the TF-100 or the K2006. I am assuming you may be at least thinking of getting one but I would make this a priority. Without the test results from one of these test kits it's going to make things difficult for us to help you out!

    With a new fill you will need to get some CYA in (otherwise known as stabiliser) to get you to a level of 30 CYA. Use Poolmath (tab up the top) to calculate your addition. We recommend using granular which is cheaper than liquid, by putting it into an old sock in front of a return and letting it dissolve. Add a gallon of liquid chlorine a day until you can get one of the recommended test kits to ascertain what your actual FC level is. If your cheap test kit has some level of reliability then I would add some of the slo n lo to bring it down slowly. (again use Pool math) say 0.2 a time between tests. Have you got an actual reading for pH or is it just reading at the highest level (maxed out)?

    Don't worry about adding anything else until you can get the proper test kit. Its good to add chemicals one at a time and in front of a return and let the pump run for at least 15 minutes before the next addition.

    Most importantly read all the articles on Pool School (top right hand corner), and ask any specific questions you may have.
    11 000 gallons, IG, Fibreglass, Monarch Sand Filter, Davey Typhoon C100M 1HP pump, Davey Chloromatic Mc16CTO ESR SWG, Davey Pool Wall Climba Robot, Daisy Solar Cover,

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