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Thread: Need help with recurring algae issue

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    Need help with recurring algae issue


    I posted a photo a few days ago of the sparkling pool that resulted from the help from people on this site.

    today, I checked the pool after work and I saw green tint on the steps! I took my brush and brushed around and it was all over, very light, but there. I brushed the whole pool and spa, added a jug of liquid chlorine (2.5 gal of 10%). And I'll run the pump overnight.

    Earlier this week I slammed the pool, brushed it, and soaked the filter and scrubbed the interior of the housing with liquid chlorine hoping to kill whatever algae was still alive.

    This is about the 6th time I had to do this since I found this site and the third time this month I've had this happen.

    i have no idea why this keeps happening. Time to call in a pro?

    suggestions are greatly appreciated. Where do I look for an imbalance? All readings seem within range based on what I've learned here.

    Im buying a better test kit soon once the budget will allow.

    is it possible to have all the readings in range and still have algae living in the pool?

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    Re: Need help with recurring algae issue

    If you don't have a proper test kit that can accurately measure FC and CC then you can't properly SLAM nor can you perform an OCLT. That is why you can't keep the algae away.

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    Re: Need help with recurring algae issue

    Hello Johnny. Well, to be honest, it's tough to tell what's happening without seeing test results from either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006. It's just that important. So even if you thought you had everything nailed-down before, without one of those you may have been fooled by an inadequate testing product. We also know that in FL, many pool owners see their levels fluctuate drastically because of heavy rains and water exchange. Still, we do know from experience and many, many pools tested over the years that if the chlorine level is commensurate with the "current" CYA level, algae simply cannot survive. What I would suggest at this point is the following:
    - Order either a TF-100 XL option w/ Speed Stir OR Taylor K-2006C w/ speed stir right away; you will NOT regret it
    - Do not be tricked into any pool store products or quick fixes; stick to regular bleach and have it ready
    - Until your kit arrives, add about 1/2 gallon of bleach to your water each day

    As soon as you get your test kit, post a full set of numbers and we'll nail this thing once and for all.
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    Re: Need help with recurring algae issue

    The SLAM has to continue until all three criteria are met for completion. Then FC has to be maintained at target level for your CYA at all ti es to avoid algae. If you do these things the algae will not return.
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    Re: Need help with recurring algae issue

    This circle of *fun* will stop when you get your test kit! It is going to be so easy and you will love it.

    Let us know when the kit gets there.

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