I need a replacement skimmer for our ABG Pool. The pool was purchased from Litehouse Pools years ago. The dealer says the skimmer is an exclusive item manufactured for Litehouse but does not have any in stock, the store is no longer a Litehouse franchise so that may be partly why. It also is expensive for the exclusieness I guess as he quoted a $129.00 for the skimmer only whenever it comes off backorder. We also have the Aquadoor cover for winterizing at it appears to be a special size manufactured for the Litehouse stores.

It looks very close to the Hayward SP1091WM shown http://cgi.ebay.com/Hayward-SP1091WM...3A1%7C294%3A50 here but the screw pattern is different Could we just drill new holes in the SS panel and hope everything seals over the old ones that are no longer being used?

The skimmer is a widemouth model that is secured to the pool wall using 4 screws (2 top and 2 bottom) and then has additional screws and gaskets for final sealing of the unit. I can only access the Outer Aquadoor cover for measurements at this time and they are,
Exterior Width is 15 5/8", Exterior Height is 9 1/8", Opening Width is 11 7/8", Opening Height is 5 1/2". The screw pattern is 5 screws across the top and bottom and 3 screws beside the opening on each end.

Is anyone familiar with the brand and may know who the actual manufacturer of the skimmer would be?