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Thread: Pretty big wrinkles - Liner lifespan?

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    Pretty big wrinkles - Liner lifespan?

    Opened my pool yesterday - Central PA - 16x32 with a 8' deep diving end - built in '08 - Pool Pilot SWG
    I use the test kit I got here and keep my water chemistry pretty good - I LOVE my SWG pool. Maintenance is minimal.
    I've had wrinkles for ever and I've tried the plunger trick with no results. There are 2 and they are both on sloped areas. The big one seems bigger than when I closed in Oct. last year. Did some searching and found an old post that detailed a way to remove em by putting water UNDER the liner but there are no pics, I guess the post is too old? (A Solution for Big Wrinkles)
    I thought about calling the water truck in to remove some water so I can work on them then put it back - I don't want to start all over with new water. If I take all the water out I might as well just replace the liner now and get it over with. If you look at my pictures you can see that they are shaped like MONEY - in other words - I think this is NOT an easy or cheap problem to fix.
    How long does a vinyl liner last before you should replace it? My gut tells me that if I develop a leak its gonna be at a wrinkle and I'll be re-lining the pool in an emergency type of situation - NOT looking forward to THAT!
    Any suggestions on how to remove or reduce them? Is removing some water a bad idea? Is there a way to see the pics from the old post (2008). Lots of people commended the guy's technique and it seemed like a problem solver - just hard to follow without the images to back up the words.
    Thanks in advance for any input -
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    Re: Pretty big wrinkles - Liner lifespan?

    hey there, I have a couple wrinkles also, I have no idea how long the liner can last but if it does not bother you then I would not worry about it... you would have to empty almost all the water out to get them out (less than an inch probably)
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    Re: Pretty big wrinkles - Liner lifespan?

    Thanks for the reply, CowBoy.
    Any other thoughts? How long does a liner last? Are the wrinkles the beginning of the end?
    What about removing some water to try and smooth em out?

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    Re: Pretty big wrinkles - Liner lifespan?

    I have the same thing, wrinkles - 5 or 6 wrinkles no more than 1/2 wide, but about 2-3 feet long. I am hopefully that the warm water will sort of expand the floor wrinkles,, but I am not holding my breath.
    There are a couple techniques I've been reading out,, one involves draining some amount of water and using a toilet plunger, getting on one side or the other of the wrinkle and 'spreading the wrinkle out',,after thinking about this, I doubt this will be possible unless there is very little (like an inch or two) of water in the pool.

    The other option would be to drain about a foot out, and pull the liner away from the track in a small section and using a hose, pump water behind the liner.. That apparently would make spreading the wrinkle out easier,, there is a post on this website that the person details their procedure.

    Liners very in age, mine was installed last summer - my co-worker has a liner going on 14 years.
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