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Thread: Adding Bleach

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    Adding Bleach

    For the three years that I have owned my in ground pool I have gone w the BBB method. I've never had to shock the pool and have gotten tons of comments as to how clear my water is.

    The issue that I am having is that the shallow end of my liner is beginning to fade. I only have one return jet. It's in the shallow end and so that's where I have been adding my bleach; right in front of that return. I don't want to replace my liner because it's relatively new and in such good condition - other than the bleaching - so I'm thinking that I need to come up w a new strategy for adding bleach.

    Given the fact that I want to shy away from adding bleach in the shallow end to prevent any further bleaching, what would be my best option?

    1.) Pour the bleach around the perimeter of the pool in the deep end (w the filter running)? I do have a bottom drain in the deep end.

    2.) Pour the bleach directly into the skimmer (w the filter running). I have a cartridge filter.

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    Re: Adding Bleach

    In front of the return is best to prevent bleaching, actually. If you're seeing bleaching of the liner below the return, it's likely that you have been pouring too fast and the bleach is making it to the bottom of the pool and settling rather than being pulled into the water column coming from the return. Another safe guard to protect your liner is to brush the area under and in front of the return to distribute any bleach that may have settled to the bottom. I do that every time I add bleach or acid, worth the extra minute or two to brush the area.

    If you do decide to add it around the perimeter of the pool, you need to make sure you brush the ENTIRE deep end after adding or you'll likely bleach those areas as well. If you add it to the skimmer, you could be damaging your skimmer integrity by exposing it to locally high FC, high pH levels.
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