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Thread: Newbie - Spa Chemistry (trying not to hate this thing)

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    Newbie - Spa Chemistry (trying not to hate this thing)

    So I'm not crazy about my hot tub. I finally got a handle on my pool chemistry and it's so easy compared to this darn tub...but I'm working at following the advice on here and I'm really hoping, like my pool, that I come to appreciate the process more.

    We had our hot tub dormant for a few months, while opening the pool we decided to open the spa too, inital readings...

    FC 0
    CC 0
    pH 8.2
    TA 90
    CH 100
    CYA 50
    Temp 76

    We drained, cleaned and refilled it, added CH and Dichlor and as of last night we are here...

    FC 6.0
    CC 0.5
    pH 7.2
    TA 40
    CH 125
    CYA 0
    Borate 0
    Temp 101

    So based on this I think I should only worry about adding stabilizer and borate then continue to monitor daily and based on usage, correct? Also I'll be away from the tub for a week, what should I do to it before I leave so its not a mess when I return?

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    Re: Newbie - Spa Chemistry (trying not to hate this thing)

    Here is how I have been maintaining my hot tub for several years. We are very happy with it. How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?

    Looks like you are well on the way. Yes, ready for borates. The dichlor is adding CYA for you, just calculate the dose in Poolmath and stop at 30.

    When leaving lower the temp to 85 or 90 and raise FC to shock level for your CYA, Chlorine CYA Chart
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    Re: Newbie - Spa Chemistry (trying not to hate this thing)

    Use the dichlor to raise your CYA and try to stick to the FC/CYA ratio as best you can. For low CYA, don't go over 10ppm FC and you'll probably not want to soak in that high of an FC with the stabilizer too low.

    As for vacation, that's hard but doable. If you can, leave the recirculating pump running or program it to recirculate a few hours each day. Drop the standby temp as low as it can go. Then raise your TA up with baking soda and get one of those small spa blue chlorine floaters and use 1" trichlor tabs to keep a constant dose of FC. You're going to have to play with it a bit because trichlor is normally too acidic to be used in a spa, it rapidly depletes TA and it dissolves too fast at normal spa temps. That is why it's important to get the temp down as low as it allows and raise your TA up to offset the acidity of the trichlor. You'll also want to tether the floater in such a way so as to not allow it to settle near a sidewall or a metal jet.

    Other than that you could dump the spa (waste of water) or try to raise the FC to shock levels and then cut the power to the spa and hope it's not too much of a mess when you get back.
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