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Thread: Jandy ePump JEP2.0 not starting, please help diagnose

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    Jandy ePump JEP2.0 not starting, please help diagnose


    So approx 1 month after my 3 year warranty ends, my Jandy JEP2.0 will not start. I'm trying to self diagnose the problem before I call a repair man. I reset the breakers with no effect. The AquaLink control box makes the "click" sound that normally activates the pump, but the pump doesn't make a sound. I was hoping for a blown capacitor but I've read a bad capacitor would normally make some noise or something. I checked the power on the control box and the pump. The control box shows 16v at the 2 red wires and 16v at the pump itself. This makes me think the pump is getting power, but I just read the pump needs 230v. Is this correct? If so, that would mean it is relay right, since it isn't sending the full 230v? I can spin the impeller freely so it isn't clogged. The Jandy Tech support people thought it might be the SVRS suction protection. I couldn't finish my conversation with them because I got disconnected due to work. I did just have a large storm that put a lot of debris in my pool, but the filter basket on the pump was relatively empty and after I reset the breakers that should have cleared the suction protection.

    Any ideas? What should my voltage on the pump be? I am really hoping this is a cheap fix. I've tried to see how much a new motor for a JEP2.0 is, and it doesn't even appear Jandy sells them, you have to buy a whole new pump. If that is correct, then I'm switching to Pentair, a replacement variable speed Pentair motor is under $400, if Jandy forces you to buy a whole new pump for almost $1k, that is craziness.

    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


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    Re: Jandy ePump JEP2.0 not starting, please help diagnose

    That's not good, should be getting 115v on line 1 and 2to ground, and 230 across l1 and l2. Check your breaker for the pump. It should be on a dedicated gfci breaker and run straight to the pump. You don't want anything in between the breaker and the pump (ie Timeclock) so the pump should be receiving 230v continously.

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