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Thread: Pollen, Mustard Algae or Sand?

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    Pollen, Mustard Algae or Sand?

    Topic split off from this thread: algae-i-d-please-t9297.html by Moderator
    Well, I'm glad some other people have the same problem as me, but I'm sad that no one has figured out what the problem is yet. And that we all have the problem in the first place.Last year I had stuff in the same places as I'm getting them this year, in front of the shallow end jet, along liner seams, ripples in the deep end, and the slopes and curved corners of the deep end. The problem is that last year it turned out to be sand from the filter, and this time it's whatever it is.......Pollen?.........MA?. Anyways some good ideas on this thread, I took the removable stairs out and sure enough same dark brown crud under them......poor circulation and dark.........MA?, but nothing on the walls...Pollen?Today was the first time I've tested the water this year, although I've shocked a couple of times already.
    Since the cya level is so low I figured I would shock for MA before I raise it. I added enough shock to bring FC up to 10 and will keep it there for the next few days.Will report back what happens. But if any one sees any thing wrong with this please let me know. Thanks and good luck to all with the mutant ninja algae or the pollen what ever it turns out to be.

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    Re: Pollen, Mustard Algae or Sand?

    Hi Pedro.

    You shocked a couple times already? Without testing? That really is unadvisable. Your numbers are very out of balance, which is probably why you are experiencing algae outbreaks.

    I recommend you revisit Pool School and check out the articles there, like Defeating Algae, Recommended Levels, and How to Shock your Pool. Those would be a great place to start.

    Then come back here and post any questions.

    I'll give you some hints, your PH and TA are too low. Your CYA is too low. Your FC is too low. Perhaps these are indicators of why you are seeing algae? Pollen in a properly santized pool is a non-issue, but I think you need to read up on how to chlorinate your pool and bring your water into balance.

    Hope this helps.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Pollen, Mustard Algae or Sand?

    Definitely pollen. I shocked the **** out of the pool and no change, so I put nylons on the skimmer basket, the pump basket and both returns and then vacuumed. It has been spotless now for two days. Now if I could just stop the bugs from drowning themselves I would be set 8)

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