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Thread: 25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

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    25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

    Hi everyone.
    I just joined so I could keep up with the proper care & feeding of my pool remodel.
    We built this pool over 25 years ago, right after we bought this house.
    All was well until recently, well actually a couple of years ago when our skimmer started sucking air.

    We took the usual route with the leak detector people and found out that the plumbing from the skimmer was leaking.
    They took the usual route with cramming a load of underwater epoxy into the broken fitting in an effort to seal things up.
    This worked for a while, but eventually what ever was a little broke, finally gave up the ghost and we had an open return pipe under the deck.

    We shut the skimmer off to bypass the problem and went on with life for a while, although we could manually skim the pool, we couldn't vacuum.
    This was starting to be an issue.

    I called a local pool service to see what the next logical step was, & replacing the entire skimmer was what was in store for me.
    Yep, cutting out the old one, cool deck and all and replacing it.
    I wasn't ready for that yet. So the pool guy re plumbed our Polaris thing to suck instead of push, and we used that as a vacuum port.

    Now, we're talking a 25+ year old marcite pool that hasn't had the best care over the years. Age and wear & tear had brought us to the ugly fact that our lovely pool was shot. The cool deck had cracked in a couple places. We had the skimmer issue. The marcite was etched to the shell concrete in a few spots, the heater hadn't worked in years.

    We talked to a few local pool builders and kept getting discouraged with the same unknown inability to return phone calls or follow up with a quote.
    The completed jobs that we did see were uninspiring to say the least.
    This went on for months. Finally we got a referral from a friend that builds new homes and he recommended a builder.
    However that builder is so busy doing new pools, they don't want anything to do with remodels any more, but they knew of a guy with a good reputation for quality work.
    We called him. True to form, he missed an appointment. No call, no show.
    We blew it off and continued to look for a builder.
    We got a couple more recommendations for the same guy, so a few weeks later I called him back and explained my frustration with him and the whole situation.
    He was very apologetic and acknowledged having talked to my wife before & missing the appointment.
    So we gave him the benefit of the doubt and looked at a couple of his finished jobs.

    Sufficiently impressed, we gave him the job.
    The whole enchilada... Skimmer, deck, heater, chlorine generator, filter, pump,fancy lights, pool finish.

    Now the fun begins, stay tuned.


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    Re: 25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

    Welcome to TFP!

    This oughta be a fun journey! Create a Photobucket account for free. Upload your pics, copy the IMG code to the right of the pic and paste it in your post. This will embed the pic into your thread.

    You can also add your pool info to your signature for future reference. More here on that, Pool School - Read This Before You Post
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    Re: 25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: 25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

    Oooh, this is gonna be a fun one to watch!

    We'd love to see pics of the original pool build as well as the new rehab.

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    Re: 25 year old central Florida pool gets a facelift

    Welcome to the forum! This will be a good one!

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