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Thread: How do you add your granular products?

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    How do you add your granular products?

    I just had a conversation with another above ground pool owner and we started talking about how we manage our pools.

    The conversation turned to granular pool products and how we add them to the pool.

    I would like to get your feedback on how you add your granular products.

    1. Add thru skimmer box, with pump running?
    2. Just broadcast over water with pump running?
    3. Pre dissolve in a bucket and pour into pool?
    4. Pre dissolve in a bucket and add thru skimmer with pump running?
    5. Another way not listed?

    Any explanation's of why you did it a certain may help someone else.
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    Re: How do you add your granular products?

    Well, the only three granular products I have ever really used were CYA, Calcium & Borax.

    CYA in a sock, suspended in front of a return; calcium dispersed over the deep end of the pool and the borax pre-dissolved & poured in front of a return.

    The nice thing about Pool School is the list of suggested chemicals to use and suggestions on how to apply them.
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    Re: How do you add your granular products?

    1. Add thru skimmer box, with pump running?
    I add pretty much nothing this way as there is the possibility (however small) of it plugging up the line. In an above ground pool with removable hoses this isn't as big a concern, but for IG pools this could be a disaster to fix. The only situation it makes much sense is one option for adding CYA, but the sock method is preferred.

    2. Just broadcast over water with pump running?
    I do this for most of them. Baking soda, soda ash, and borax are relatively harmless if they touch the sides or bottom of the pool. While they typically dissolve quickly a quick brushing is good for the pool anyway.

    I rarely use cal-hypo or dichlor but when I do I pour it slowly in front of the return while the pump is on high and then if I need to I brush afterwards. Although it might be preferred by others I never dissolve anything in a bucket first. My thoughts are that if everything is safe once it is in the bulk water then I should get it in the bulk water immediately.
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    Re: How do you add your granular products?

    Another thing to consider is that some granule products (i.e. stabilizer) are slow dissolving. If an pool owner pours the granules in the skimmer and they in-turn go directly to the filter, those owners with sand or DE filters may lose those granules if they backwash soon after. It's happened many times, so that's $16-$20 that is literally ... "down the drain".
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    Re: How do you add your granular products?

    CYA in a sock in front of a return, haven't had to add anything else in granular form yet.
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    Re: How do you add your granular products?

    It goes without saying that any granular product, if added by broadcast over the surface, should be accompanied by extensive brushing of both the pool walls and floor. Solid chemicals should never be allowed to sit on a pool surface; we've had posts of people noticing plaster discoloration after applying salt and letting it sit. So, if you add granular products to your pool, then you should make it a point to brush those chemicals until they are fully dissolved to avoid staining or damage to the pool surface.
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