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Thread: New to Hot tubs

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    New to Hot tubs

    We bought a house last May and it came with a hot tub. We were recommended by Leslie's Pools to change the water. We have well water and now it is a yellow/brown. We are trying to figure it out and I saw someone on this site have a similar problem. Let's hope we find a solution.

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    Re: New to Hot tubs

    Broad brush view of your choices:

    1. Get clean water trucked in and not determining what your problem is, just solving it. Fast easy and usually not cheap. This is what Leslie's suggested.

    2. Have your well water professionally tested and have the professional make some suggestions as to how to treat your water. Could be expensive but may be least expensive long term solution.

    3. Have your well water professionally tested and have this forum help you find a treatment for your water. Again, could be expensive but may be least expensive long term solution.

    4. Have you test your water and have this forum help you find a treatment for your water. Again, could be expensive but may be least expensive long term solution. Least likly to solve the problem.

    Tell us which way you want to go. If you want to do it yourself we can direct you to some tests that may solve the problem. But a professional analysis of your well water is the best place to start.
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    Re: New to Hot tubs

    I would also like to point out a benefit of a quality professional water analysis is that you are also likely drinking and cooking with the stuff, if you do opt for professional water analysis make sure to get one that tests for metals and gives detailed numbers as metals in your water is the most likely cause for the coloration.
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    Re: New to Hot tubs

    Artlyn2, I have a hot tub and pool and am on well with iron at 2 ppm.

    For the hot tub in the winter I use well water as my outdoor soft water spigot is closed for the season.
    On refill, I use a product called Metal Gon. : Metal Gon/Defender Two pack : Leisure Time Spa Metal Gon : Patio, Lawn Garden

    That will sequester the iron and turn you water clear. I also use a pre-filter, which gets 'some' of the iron out, but not all -- its called PreFresh filter and is good for about 8,000 gallons. : Pre Fresh Garden Hose End Water Filter all purpose, pool, spa, hot tub, pets, car wash : Garden Hose Parts : Patio, Lawn Garden

    For a heavier load, you can also use Defender, meant to be weekly maintenance sequestrant when you top up or to keep really high iron loads in check.

    I don't use those spa products (Metal Gon and Defense) for my pool, only Metal Magic of Jack's magic...but those are way to strong for a spa and with high heat, its best to use spa products designed for same.

    So that's the rx for immediately remedying your problem.

    If you do have a whole house water softener set up or get one you can have it plumbed to include an outdoor spigot. But then if you use same in a spa, you will need to add calcium to control foam.

    I wouldn't plumb soft water outside just for a spa...but I did for my pool, where metal was a big problem. For the spa, you drain and refill often enough that the Metal defender and prefresh filter are enough to do the trick without any unintended consequences
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    Re: New to Hot tubs

    Welcome to TFP

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