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Thread: Pool has leak and pending replaster - what chemicals should I focus on ?

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    Pool has leak and pending replaster - what chemicals should I focus on ?

    Hello all

    My new pool has some issues
    The plaster is shot and Im near a decision on the plaster and marker tile choices - Hope to have replaster done in 30 days
    The pool is leaking water as well
    It has an auto fill so I didint notice the leak, till the water bill which was 11k gallons for 2 of us with no sprinkler use - typical usage would be under 4k
    Bucket test showed almost 1/2 inch loss per day
    The leak explained why I had trouble keeping the salt level up and why the pool has zero CYA

    I had a leak guy come and test for leaks in the lines and dive the pool and check for leaks in the pool itself with dye.

    He found no leaks in the lines but found both skimmers leaking and a leak around one of the suctions for the swim jet

    I paid him a total of about $1k for the leak check and the skimmer repairs with the suction leak to be addressed at the replaster

    Unfortunately the pool is still leaking - doesn't seem to have slowed much if any - seems like wasted $$
    So while I wait for the replaster and the water temps are too low for swimming
    to avoid wasting $ on chemicals that will be drained when the plaster is done which of the tests should I focus on ?
    I understand the chlorine level will keep the water clear - Ill do that
    But Im not running the SWG because the salt level just keeps dropping
    I tried adding Stabilizer to get CYA up but its also gets washed away
    The readings as of this morning were
    FC 1.5
    CC 0
    CH 150
    TA 50
    PH 7.5 - 7.6 ish
    Salt cell is off - the aqualink shows 1000 ppm - i haven't added any in months

    BTW with the leaves and stuff dropping from trees the water lost a little clarity - I tested the w K-1000 and it said I had almost no chlorine so I added about 24 oz of CCH powder per pool math - The next day the chlorine was up but not up to 3 so I added 16 oz more and thats what got the chlorine to today's readings. SO either the CCH powder has lost some oomph or the pool is using the chlorine

    Im using the CCH powder and trichlor pucks the seller left as source of chlorine
    Ive used a little bleach as well just to understand how why etc

    Im most interested in NOT damaging the equipment while I wait for the replaster

    Also interested in idea - techniques - suggestions for leak abatement ideas while the pool is empty for replaster
    Ive informed Romos plaster that I have leaks and want them to address what they can
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    Re: Pool has leak and pending replaster - what chemicals should I focus on ?

    Sounds like you're just buying time right now until the plaster work can get done huh? So what to focus on? Well, you still don't want an algae mess, but you will continue to lose FC very quickly without CYA - especially if we keep having beautiful TX days like today. With constant water exchange, you might just be better-off using some tablets along with liquid bleach in an effort to keep some CYA (20-30) and FC simultaneously in the 3-5 range. Cal-Hypo won't hurt either since your CH is a little low - again, probably from the water exchange/leaking. Your pH is fine for now, but constant use of pucks might lower the pH a bit, so keep an eye on that. During this awkward waiting game, I would just encourage you to stay close to the Poolmath Calculator and use any of the products you have available to meet the TFP Recommended Levels as best as you can. Hopefully you can get those repairs completed soon.
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    Re: Pool has leak and pending replaster - what chemicals should I focus on ?

    Use up all the pucks and powder that was left over. That makes the most sense.

    Stop using them when you replaster and fix the leaks.
    Dave S.
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