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Thread: Estimating water volume

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    Estimating water volume

    When figuring out the volume of water in a pool for adding chemicals etc., how accurate do you need to be?

    For example I have a small pool being built. The overall size is 8'x32', but that includes 3 sections of the pool with a large variation in depth. The first section is 8x6.5' tanning ledge with an approximate depth of 6". The next section is roughly 8x18.5' that goes from 4'-5'. Lastly, there is the spa, 8x6 at 3.5' deep.

    When determining water volume, can I just use the overall dimensions, or should I maybe figure the water volume for each of the three areas of the pool and just add them together?
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    Re: Estimating water volume

    I would break into 3 sections and add together, the end result is "close" not exact... you can fine tune it later if you want

    using poolmath once you have the volume add chlorine that should bring from a fc4 to fc6, wait 30 minutes with pump on high and measure fc.. if 6 your right on, if 7 you might take away some volume and if 5 add some volume... remember close is what you want
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    Re: Estimating water volume

    You will want to be as accurate as you, but you will learn via addition how the chemicals and your pool react. Anything within 10-15% should be fine. Using pool math, enter your "now" and "target" levels at 8,500 gallons then change the volume to 7,500 then 9,500, etc. to see how it changes the amounts. For example FC of 0 now and target 4 ppm equals 50 ozs of 8.25%; at 7,500 gals that drops to 44 ozs. Fairly insignificant in the overall scheme.

    You hit the nail on the head with your last statement, calculate all 3 then add together as a start. With a new pool you should be able to meter the water it takes to fill it somehow. Congrats!
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    Re: Estimating water volume

    Add the sections and pay attention when you're dosing the pool. If you consistently overshoot or undershoot when you add things, adjust the volume in poolmath up or down until you get the results you want. A tip: down at the bottom of poolmath there is Effects of Adding Chemicals. You can see what each chemical you add does to the chemistry. pH, though, is only close for small adjustments. It will take some time, but you'll start to see the pattern and can fine tune it over a few months until you settle on a number that closely matches your pool volume. The volume is constantly changing anyway, with evaporation and splashout or an inch of rain.
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