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Thread: New pool owner. What chemicals for weekly maint?

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    New pool owner. What chemicals for weekly maint?

    tl;dr What chemicals do we need to do weekly to keep a "healthy" pool?

    Okay so for starters. Me and my family just purchased a new home with a Pool. Owners stated they have not drained it in over 5 years so we figured we should prep for summer and get it drained. Had someone come out to do the work as for we don't know what exactly to do. Drained it, filled it, cleaned the filters, balanced the chemicals then he slapped us on the butt and said GOOD LUCK!

    Now it just comes down to us maintaining the pool. We net the pool everyday. Manually vacuum it every 3 days or so (While having an automatic vacuum run for 5 hours each day). Main thing we need to understand is the chemicals we putt into the pool.

    We have a little test kit that checks only the Chlorine and PH. From my understanding they're both fine. Chlorine is a tad bit high and color is a tad darker than the highest on the test kit. PH is 7.4 roughly. So now what do we have to do each week? If the Chlorine is still high I assume we just skip adding Chlorine until it falls a bit lower? We have a Floater we throw a Chlorine tablet in the pool as well. Currently have it out of the pool until the Chlorine level drops a bit.

    What else should we do? Say if next week we test the pool and Both are fine. Do we just skip adding chems that week? Or if PH is low and chlorine is fine vise/versa. Any info is greatly appreciated. Give us a run down on what we should do if one falls low/too high etc. We want to be set and know exactly what to do when to do it!


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    Re: New pool owner. What chemicals for weekly maint?

    The FIRST thing you do is order a good test kit that tests EVERYthing in the water. Look in my siggy for the one I use and love.

    The second thing you do is read this link. It is a LOT of info so take it a little at a time. It tells the whys and hows of TFP.

    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

    Here is a link to THE question you asked.

    Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule


    Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule
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    Re: New pool owner. What chemicals for weekly maint?

    Welcome to TFP. There's a lot to learn so we'll just start with some basics.

    #1 thing to do is order a proper test kit. Pool School - Test Kits Compared This is all you need to understand your pool and take control. No pool service companies or pool stores needed. Get the TFT 100 or the taylor 2006.

    #2 Fill out your signature with your equipment and pool setup, best you can. It will help us avoid asking too many questions over and over.

    #2 If you follow the TFP pool care method, you never have to drain your pool. You will only need chlorine daily, maybe acid weekly, and everything else just corrective action should it be necessary, which is infrequent.

    #3 If you continue to use tabs, you will eventually need to drain your pool, if you don't get algae before then. While waiting for you test kit to arrive, click the pool school tab at the top at start reading the ABCs.

    edit: totally predictable cross post!
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    Re: New pool owner. What chemicals for weekly maint?


    I concur with Kim. Start with a proper test kit. Skip the article in pool school and just order up a TF100. I'd recommend the XL option, because it comes with twice as much FAS-DPD reagent, which is the one reagent you won't find in stock at any local pool stores. So it's good to have a spare standing by in case you run out abruptly or spill it. If the speedstir is out of reach financially, skip it now and ask for one for Father's Day. But once you start using one, you'll never ever go back to manual swirling.

    That said... All I ever put in my pool are bleach and acid and trichlor pucks (only when I'm out of town) I get the bleach and acid from a local pool store in returnable jugs. The stuff is full strength and has a fast turnover and is reasonably priced.

    My fill water is already high pH and chock-full of Calcium and Alkalinity, so I've never had to add any Calcium, Borax, or Baking Soda.
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